Enjoying life consists of being able to enjoy everything that surrounds us while we stand alone.

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We don’t have to live a petty lonely life and be miserable all the time when we stand alone in the middle of the crowd or perhaps when happen to be alone at home on a weekend instead of out with our buddies or our coworkers from the office at the party that everyone had plans to go to and we bailed out last-minute because we are the biggest introvert, or just sulking & eating a pint of ice cream because we said no to that date we so desperately wanted to say yes to.

We can learn to enjoy the world around us even when we are alone.

Being alone (most of the times) is a choice. This is a world filled with millions of people, places to go to, and things to do. Ultimately it is our call what we choose to do with our day, every day we are given a new opportunity, either we choose to look out the window that gives us a beautiful view or we stare out the window that has the rocky wall. The choice is ours my friends. What we do with our days and our lives will determine our level of happiness and gratitude in life, and eventually how we age…(but that’s another post), thus our perspective of being alone can change a lot.

I believe is so perplexing when I can be alone and fall in love with nature or admire the way people interact with each other, I look out the window sometimes if I’m indoors and watch people walk by( if there’s someone close by) and just watch the creation of God…how it evolves & takes place on this perfectly made world. I enjoy going to a park and sit there for hours alone and sometimes take a book and not even read it because I’m too busy just watching the natural world that takes place around me, the squirrels (whom by the way own my back yard) and the fish in creek, the bees perhaps (annoying the living soul out of me), the flowers, I even like seeing how the grass comes back up after someone sits on it for so long and the grass decides to get back up and live again.

I don’t make a conscious decision to study these things I let my soul guide me, I just choose to think of what’s freeing for me and nature comes natural and free.

I call this free up space, time to meditate, to create, to appreciate, to re recreate, to evolve, to innovate, and to get involve with the creator of life, to reinvent into something bigger and better than whatever loneliness could possibly be trying to tell me.

  • We may not always be in the crowd we want, or we might not even get in the crowd we want AT ALL, but here is when we have to innovate ourselves and make the best out of the situation appreciate people for who they are and use the opportunities given to bring in our God’s given gifts
  • Sometimes we’ll find ourselves alone, and that is perfectly fine, scary at times I will not even attempt to lie. It can be because we chose to or because someone else said no at the moment (remember ultimately is our choice there are millions of people out there-join a charity) but we can always learn to appreciate ourselves-give thanks use the opportunity to meditate and perhaps give back to others on that free space and time that we have
  • There will be work events that you might not feel like is your place to attend and you can perhaps be at home (still debating) feel like you should be there, wondering what it’s like even when the party is almost over and thinking “oh God I made a fool of myself what would they think, I could had worn this outfit, maybe it wasn’t that serious, I could had pulled it off etc. etc.”

I get it we can work with a lot of people but some of us are the biggest introvert (maybe I’m speaking for MYSELF here)point I’m trying to make is that while you’re here thinking about the party on how its going, on what’s going on with you, on why you didn’t make it or perhaps talking down on your boss and co-workers as a coping mechanism, and trying to figure out whats going on over there, guess what? EVERYONE is Partying over there—so you can use that time to innovate, while you relax with your fresh cleared mind at home, no stress no buzz and recreate come with new ideas even if they are just for you. Use that time to appreciate yourself and the greatness of your mind don’t use your energy to think about anyone else unless it is to help them grow.

Don’t forget the value of your soul, you need to have peace that last an eternity make sure to live a life that pleases you soul and provides you with peace everywhere you are by seeing the beauty that surround you everywhere you go. This world wasn’t created by a casualty, it was perfectly and wonderfully made for those who live in it, it was design with you in mind, appreciate whats in it and use the space that’s given to evolve.

What we choose to do with our times is our luxury—we can value it or depreciate it. -Denise Kilby

As always with love and your best interest at heart.

May God bless you and be with you always in everything that you do: “For the [remarkable, undeserved] grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men” (Titus2:11).

©️2018 Denise Kilby New Hope Life Coaching & Lay Christian Counseling. All rights reserved.

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