Push yourself with such force to the surface that your inner strength comes out allowing you to be the best you everyday of your life.

Your thoughts will determine your day, think happy thoughts. Often times our thoughts are drowned by our problems and we become immovable not allowing our strengths to shine (i.e. help someone else not fall victim of low self-talk, give advice, etc.)—we even become selfish (let’s be honest) kind of like “if I don’t have you don’t have” perhaps not consciously thinking but subconsciously which is even worse.

The reason why I speak in general terms is because I know what it is to be at the bottom of the pit, in the lion’s den. Now, the why I don’t lose grip and faith is because I don’t smell like flesh, I know what’s been placed inside me, I know I have the Holy Spirit of God deposited in me and that is my inner strength, therefore I am aware that I can always seek within me to get back up and help others seek the Father above and ask for a deposit.

I know what it is to have nothing and yet had the strength to tell people “you will have it all”, I know the feeling that brings barley having any food in the fridge to feed your kids and the uncertainty of not event knowing when you will be able to fill the fridge again, and again…encouraging people to “not lose hope”.

Life is about that inner strength my friends about never giving up, about fighting for what you believe in about searching within you for the spirit of strength that was deposited in your soul.

I’ve known what it is to be typing an encouraging message from my phone while I have my car loan finance company call me because I am a month behind on my car payment because of my recent work loss due to my Fibromyalgia flares, IBS, Leaky Gut, Severe Migraines, (conditions that have been yet subject to diagnosis, Dr.’s appt/too many test/biopsies etc. too much into? Yes, I am human). Having to fight for unemployment while looking for a job where I can work despite my health conditions, but guess what life goes on and I must face the situation with strength.  rFrom the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence,4 and the violent take it by force. (Matthew 11:12ESV)

I know what it is to have a trouble teenager while I take a course on Adolescents Psychology and concentrate on a major in Marriage and Family Relations, I tell you more I know what it is to have a trouble marriage and find out your husband has been smoking marijuana for ever—or maybe never stopped since you met him…while you’ve been fighting (with him) for your son not to do it.

The health conditions just seem to be growing like the grass on a morning spring—the headaches are accumulating like the snow on a winter storm and the rain won’t cease like April shower.

Where to hide, and where to get strength from, where to go to and where not to go, where do I find the person I am trying to become? Is this all worth it?

Do I keep searching or do I give up now? How do I believe there is a God when all I see is evil right now?

This is the time my friends when we have to seek positivism and hold on to hope, find our inner strength, shut the chaos that’s around us, if we can’t do nothing about the circumstances, we can only go from here, try to inspire this world with our living testimony (unless we want to rot in misery) and fight!

I can consider myself a warrior even when I am lost in tears and I fall flat on my face every time I try and it didn’t work out as planned, I can certainly say I am not a victim I am a VICTOR I survived if I am alive there is a purpose, there’s a reason for me to keep going, there’s more ahead for me, there’s light at the end of this darkness, it’s time to declare and move by bold faith.

We have been under attack from the beginning of time and out war is not with flesh and blood, our war is with spiritual forces that take shape and are acted upon in the humanity of this world. Look around you and identify your oppressor, you may not find one in the physical form, it may just be your illness, your financial situation, your trouble teen, your marriage situation, to mention some—but at the end is all evil forces. Anything that is making you unhappy. Then think about what I just told you and meditate on how you can take back your happiness with violence, with prayer, with gratitude and strength.

Find that inner strength and if you don’t know how, find someone who can help you. Look for ways where you can see beyond the mountain and who can help you understand that you have the power of life and death in your tongue that if you say to that mountain “move, excuse me because here I come (even if you fall-get back up) and you are in my way” that mountain will move as you start taking steps and leaps of faith.

You must seek that inner strength within you, there’s more. You are more!

Trust, believe, achieve!

—Denise Kilby

©️2018 Denise Kilby New Hope Life Coaching & Lay Christian Counseling. All rights reserved.

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