There are a numerous, things in life that we may believe that healing from is impossible. Until very recently I didn’t think that anyone could heal so well from receiving another person’s heart, and years before I didn’t even think it possible at all, the reality is that not only can a person heal 100 percent from a heart transplant but can climb mountains afterwards (literally speaking).

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”

Kelly Perkins has climbed some of the highest mountains in the world—all while relying on the heart that was transplanted into her chest in 1995. She underwent the transplant after a viral infection caused Inflammation that seriously damaged her own heart. After her surgery, Kelly took up mountain climbing, trekking up dozens of peaks around the world, including 14,505-foot Mt. Whitney in California. Her memoir about her experiences became a best-selling book that continues to Inspire transplant patients everywhere.

As humans when we undergo a painful situation we feel as if our heart is going to break and like we are going to die (at least that’s the we way we feel), the feeling of grief, deceitfulness, and even disappointments is well felt in our heart -and that is scientifically proven to be true and real- so yeah, you are not over reacting, that pressure that you feel in your heart is an actual heart ache that can cause you a numerous amount of health conditions such as high blood pressure, depression, headaches, and many more I believe there’s and article I wrote before about that. However, there’s three good news; one is that you won’t need a heart transplant, second is that you won’t die from it, third is that you will fully heal (phew). Do you see how things just continue to progressively get better and better (Praise God)?

That is exactly how it is with your spiritual life when you don’t give into satan’s schemes. Don’t let him fool you, you are more, you can fully heal, and there is hope for you, you have a God who calls you “my people”.

“I have done this so that we may be taken advantage of by satan. For we are not ignorant of his schemes.” (2Corinthians2:11 HCSB)

On this second part, I am going to piggy back ride on Joyce Meyer’s podcast “How do I get rid of the pain?”

We have to wake up and be strong dress ourselves with power and believe that the same God that spoke to the people of Zion speaks to us today, “You are my people” (Isaiah51:16NIV), and His word says on Deuteronomy 31:6 “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you: He will never leave you not forsake you.” (NIV)

After listening to this podcast and meditating on my own personal life experiences of sexual abuse, even emotional and physical abuse in some form I couldn’t agree anymore with what she said towards the very end “You can fully heal from things”.
Yes, we can fully heal from anything, just like Kelly Perkins was able to fully heal from her heart transplant and climb mountains we are capable of healing from any spiritual, emotional and mental illness.

We were created with healing abilities, we have what it takes to reconnected to the source of healing and receive the treatment that is required, we can undergo and treatment and come out victorious just like Kelly and write books, tell our story and inspire many to undergo treatments to change their lives. Not all problems are physical to require surgical procedure, there’s a surgeon operates in certain areas of our lives and that is why there’s certain people with broken pieces in areas that no-one can touch, heal, restore, transplant, or resuscitate but Him. That is why He places special helpers on this earth to assist Him in the operation room.

Readers —unless you have a deadly disease you can fully heal, emotional abuse, physical abuse, mental issues, sexual abuse, traumas, past hurts, anything that’s in your heart, mind, and soul, that doesn’t bring you JOY and that has caused you pain BUT it didn’t kill you is curable meaning you can fully heal from it and overcome it with God’s help!

I was able to overcome childhood sexual abuse that I underwent in my own home for many years by my mom’s boyfriend and I will never have my childhood back and I will never have the father that I wanted to find in him while I tried to get close to him despite the continues abuse but I was able to to forgive and now speak about it freely and with peace in my heart, I overcame traumas, manic-depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, cigarette addiction from one day to another, bad drinking habits, I was completely redeemed and set free by a God who reminded me that “I was His people” He gave me a tittle and reminded me that I was someone in Him, His word says that “by His wounds you have been healed” (1Peter 2:24NIV). I believe that I am a new creation, that He has forgiven me, that the past is gone, that I am set free, that if I forgive I shall have peace, and I also believe the same for you.

I hope you can locate this podcast and that you can listen to Joyce Meyer’s short testimony, may you be glorified and transformed by Spirit of God. 

Please note the above link for iphones the following is for a youtube video of it

I hope you can see it if not copy and paste!

Remember to take what the spirit places in your heart and let go of what does not belong xoxo!

With you in heart and mind,

Always—Denise Kilby #letconnect #reachout #follow #findme #messageme #letstalk

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