I honestly hope you are able to see all the purposeful well inserted dorky emojis that follow the word “emotions”.

Today is May First and as many of you know this month has been observed in the United States since 1949 as the “Mental Health Month” or “Mental Health Awareness Month”.

So, I want to navigate a little in the topic this month, starting with our,

Emotions😊😌🤪😔😖😡☹️😢😤😳😓🤯😇🤮 don’t only involve your feelings; they involve your whole body as one – your brain 🧠 chemistry, your stomach, hormones, your nervous system, your blood flow, your mind, your actions, and even your spirit.

Following are 5 helpful tips and points that we can note and remember in times we begin to notice that our emotions are trying to take control of who are and give us identity!

  1. Learning how to control your thinking 🤔 even if you can’t control those random thoughts that keep popping in your head 💭 can help you build and create a healthy emotional 😭balance 🙃🙂⚖️ –
  2. Positive emotions replace or attach 💥 to negative emotions of unforgiveness – for the most part the good thoughts will bring joy whereas the bad thoughts will bring sadness #thinkpretty
  3. Make a conscious decision to be more alert to your emotions knowing that your whole body is chained ⛓up to them
  4. Don’t make decision based on emotions, instead let your whole body take control and with mindfulness change your emotions
  5. Forgive but don’t let anyone take advantage of you, know when to put a stop and remember that what you want will only be obtained if you’re in complete agreement with your whole being

To be continued…. tomorrow…

Please stay connected, tomorrow I will be writing about how our emotions could keep us from reaching our divine destiny!

“Remember that you are more, we are more and we were created for more, there’s always more when we know our worth and what we are capable of in life”

With much love in mind and heart always,

—Denise Kilby #letsconnect #mentalhealthawarenessmonth

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