img_1959No matter how long the winter may desire to persist (the cold season- the difficult time- the hardships of life- the trails & tribulations- the privations) you need to decide to be more persistent —don’t let your roots die! It can seem almost unreal to witness the trees springing to life. Isn’t this supposed to be their natural course?

Truth is that when we are experiencing a NO LONGER ENJOYABLE season; time seems to be going by slower… the actions we take and how we employ ourselves during these seasons will have a great effect on how long it truly feels like and how it all impacts our lives.

“Everyone wants a beautiful garden but not everyone is willing to be a diligent gardener”—Denise

However, when this season begins to fade away… every “little” ordinary thing (although ordinary) can seem like a breath of fresh air (of hope) sent from heavens above.

I want to encourage you to enjoy every season in your life and to get busy discovering what can come out of you in the midst of every one of them no matter how long they seem to last we are so much more than the situations that we are presented with in our daily lives (even in our coldest seasons).

Examine yourself most recent thoughts and be completely honest with yourself about your future.

1️⃣ Have you embraced the winter cold and used it to grow and educate yourself while in hibernation, perhaps challenged yourself and went outdoors despite its brutal temperatures? #positive

2️⃣ Have you gotten ready for the allergy season, the bees, and flies, have you thanked God for His creation and sunbathe in what you’ve most people have been longing for, or will you complain about that too? #yourchoice

3️⃣ Will you be stuck indoors all spring and wait for the beaming summer sun to come out to complain of its brutal heat and then turn on the central AC all day and night? #decide

Use time wisely and adapt to the seasons gradually, take the necessary precautions but don’t let fear hold you back, don’t jump into life without the proper preparation because you will fail at everything you do, thus everything will look like a #chaos to you (the one you’re creating), must I remind you again? You Are More!

Just like certain trees & flowers need to wait for the right season to bloom again so do we  (naturally impatient human beings), but that doesn’t mean that their roots die don’t let your roots die.

No matter the situation spring back to life it’s time to bloom! #babybloomers #coaching #challenging #encouraging #motivating #preaching

With love and you always with you in mind and at heart,

—Denise Kilby


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