Oh it is so difficult to see the “Helping Hand” when you’re in the midst of the difficulties of life or in troubles and tribulations (I know), even when there’s people extending their hand to you; it seem as though their hand is not sincere or even NOT long enough like despite their effort it is just not reaching (even when they’re touching) you feel the external touch but it doesn’t touch your spirit internally you don’t feel the connection, and nothing seems to mend your broken heart… oh yes, I know.

God has chosen you to be a blessing to others, don’t focus on the situation hold on to God to overcome it and He will use you in tremendous ways”—Denise

In our moments of afflictions thoughts of defeat and desperation take our mind captive, and we could even think at times that their actions aren’t sincere, we can say or think things like “they have never walked in my shoes how can they even remotely know what I’m going through” truth is true DON’T know indeed, they might have not been through NOT EVEN half of what you’ve been through in life.

But that doesn’t make their willingness to help any less genuine, any less sincere, honest and with a weaker purpose.

There’s always a helping hand, God always places a helping hand, at the right place and at the right time. Whether we see it or not, that’s a different thing.

I know it is all so difficult to see. Because it is right when we need to see that hand that we are blinded the most, we can’t seem to hear the words, and when hear the words we don’t reason to understand, other times when we understand the words somehow we can’t seem to grasp why are they coming from that messenger (that particular person) we focus and center our eyes and ears on the messenger instead of He who sent it, etc. and so on and so forth.

It always seems to be, that when is not one thing is the other. Are we looking for excuses?

No I don’t believe we are (at least not intentionally), I think we all want out, we want help— we long for that hand; but I do know that we are blinded by pain, grief, losses, disappointments, unacceptability and lack of knowledge. Yes, we lack Christ knowledge.

When we don’t know Christ we don’t understand reasons, thus we can’t see beyond what sits right before our eyes which in this case is the problems and we can’t hear pass the loudness of the enemy’s voice that is shouting to us how big the problem (the situation) is.

There’s hope for everyone one, there’s always a helping hand, God is constantly placing angels in our path so we can see His hand work through them.

Are you feeling lonely and confused? Is this message a little too good too be truth? Or do you think, yeah easier said than done?

I was there once and sometimes when I face trials and tribulations I remember how I used to get blind folded by lies of the enemies (because I am human) who don’t only covered my eyes from seeing the greater things that God had for me but my ears from hearing what God was saying to me. The good news is that I serve a God who is greater and now I know how to discern the lies so I can put a quick stop to the voices, and a voice to the silence.

I’m am overcomer and you can be too! You can find freedom from any #depression #anxiety #PTSD #sexualabuse #mentalillness #trauma #personalissues #eatindisorder #domesticabuse #physicalpain

I know where to meet God to find that hand! You can learn where to meet God as well! #thereshope

“Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time.” (1 Peter 5:6)

He will lift us up when we are down we just need to admit that we need help, recognize that without help we can’t move forward when we are down, and remember His good deeds in thanksgiving when we are good.

God’s hand is with us everywhere we want to see it, we just need to believe it, we need to build a relationship that surpasses all trials and tribulations, we need to understand that “it’s okay” to fall as long as we get back up because we don’t belong in the ground, use that hand that God is extending you right now and rise up in royalty to do bigger and better things.

If you need help and guidance reach out to someone whom might be able to help, or guide you in the direction of someone who can, pray continuously and don’t let your heart be troubled over the earthly things remember that you have to take care of your soul for the eternity.

Blessing always!

With you in heart and mind,

Your sister —Denise Kilby

#coach #counselor #motivator #evangelist #encourager #challenger #human

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