How can we ask for freedom if we know who provides freedom yet we insist on running away from Him” —Denise

We shouldn’t be losing sleep over things that make us feel any type of comfort during the day, unless it is uncomfortable for our soul.

Closing your eyes and waking up the next morning is not what puts your soul to rest at night until the next day.

Have you thought about it that way? Has it ever crossed your mind that if your losing sleep over something at all, it can perhaps be hindering your spiritual wellbeing, thus your inability of being able to rest even when your body is SCREAMING for it?!

Even when it seems naive, nothing should interfere with what you want and with what you should do, what you should do should always come hand in hand with what you want to do, (Keep reading you will get it). What is good for you will always feel good in your soul forever because good things are eternal.

Well this only happens to those who still are mindful about their spiritual well-being and can acknowledge the importance of a clean and peaceful soul for a happy and a mentally well balance life. If our spiritual health is unhealthy it affects every other aspect of our lives, when we are spiritually unhappy we deliver ourselves in spiritual darkness, that can affect us directly or indirectly throught the actions we take, the decisions we make, or the people that we surround ourselves with.

There are others in the other hand who feel like they have nothing to worry about and those are the ones who dance when they should run!

I’m sure you heard of that saying “things don’t change people do”. Do you ever feel like it’s time to make some nudges in your life? Is there anything making you feel, depressed, anxious, angry, vulnerable, creating confusion, eating disorders; past traumas, personality issues, abuse, pain, a chronic illness, unfulfilled dreams, unacomplished goals? – anything keeping you up, at night or perhaps making you over sleep, or preventing you from staying awake and praying when the time is called for? I was there too, I have been there, and I always tell you I am human and I revisit from time to time. But I have been blessed with conviction of the spirit, and every time I feel like I am about to be trapped and fall victim of anything I have the ability to find answers to my questions within my soul. I have changed!

Have you ever felt trapped dancing “between a rock and a hard place” when you should feeling fear instead? Most of the time we feel the opposite of what we should feel due to pre-conditioning, we make our minds believe (what we want) and feel what makes us feel comfortable (just to pretend happiness) and once we are in that comfort zone (not so comfortable after all), even if not completely contempt (we are just used to it) as long as we are familiar (we go with the flow) with the situation (or surroundings) we seek out questions within our own self (we ask and answer ourselsves) and don’t ever dare to ask them to anyone else, because we know full well the answer to each one of them. Being able to answeing some of these questions on our own is not bad, all the contrating that means that we have some level of discernment and conviction of the Spirit of God and that we can listen to God speak to our soul, we can somewhat hear Him tell us, “this is good and this is bad”, what is not good is when we continue to dance around as the rock continues to get closer and we don’t understand why.

Now, that right there is the trap of the enemy, the lie, and we can know that too which can also be the reason why we don’t ask. We are too comfortable the way are, and change just seems too scary afterall—even more scary than being trapped between the rock and the hard place.

Truth is, that what might be providing a feeling of comfort for us in some areas and making us feel secured, to the point where we can even dance instead of being frightened can also producing embarrassment in others and holding us back, making us victims and prisoners of our own weaknesses, thus disabling us to a level that we don’t dare to ask anyone if is normal or not to feel what we feel or do what we do; because we know that deep-down that the answer has been deposited within our soul.

Without even noticing we fall victim and prey of the circumstances, situation, people, places, and even ourself; because we begin to play the victim game, and develop a victim mentally that will minimize our dreams hope and expectation of life. We don’t think that we are able or capable to change, we can’t see beyond what we are, or have been all of our lives, in fact many times we can’t even see beyond our society. We become what everyone is but we fail to take into account that everyone might a victim of the enemy as well. We are called for bigger and greater! You are more!

How can we uproot it? How can we find the truth that will set us free to show the appropriate feeling to a given circumstance without the need to put a front (a fake mask) and cover up what we truly feel?

• In order to understand what’s going on we must admit that the problem exists (it’s real) within ourselves and stop looking elsewhere (outwards) , we must dig in and pull the root of comfort that allows us to feel “okay” with what would normally make God feel disrespected or uncomfortable.

• we need to recondition our hearts, our mind and our soul to its intended form according to God (not us)!

• we need to come clean, and unveil ourselves in front of God in order for any of this to happen, only He and us know what goes down in the intimacy of our thoughts

• therefore only we can set our souls free to be able to seek help and ask those questions (to God) so we can stop dancing when we should be frightened and vice versa

It’s time to begin feeling what we were created to feel, to begin enjoying the life we were created to live, it’s time to let God show us the path” —Denise

Yes we can dance in the storm, yes we can perhaps even dance when we’re trapped in between a rock and a hard place but only if we know that we have a clean and pure heart & soul that is connected with our inner being giving us freedom in the spirit that provides us a healthy mental mindset that will allow us to live the life that Christ intended for us to live when He died for us.

A life of freedom and redemption!

If you are feeling wrong when you should be feeling right and right when you should be feeling wrong you need to take those feelings captive! Those feelings are “normal” YES, that means it is normal to have feelings, what is not normal is to have them at the wrong time. The devil will always try to steal the joy from your heart or try to make you believe that right is wrong, but the spirit of God can always provide the right feeling at the right time, and speak to your soul & your spirit when something is wrong— discernment of the spirit can guide you to feel accordingly after you have an encounter with God, you will be convicted and you will never be the same.

You will be set free and you will have the answers deposited right into your soul, in fact they are there now, you just need help and guidance finding them.

With you in mind and heart always,

You sisters —Denise K.

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