img_1326Get up every morning and decide to fight for what you truly want!

Liberate your mind and spirit from any negativity and anything that could be an impediment for you to be completely happy in (mind and spirit). There needs to be a connection of the mind and the spirit at all times in order for a person to live in complete happiness, yes, one can achieve complete happiness in life when you live content in your spirit and soul.

There’s no greater feeling than that indeed, if you to ask me at least—and of course I could tell you how. No one should make a decision because they are pressed on, or because everyone else is making them, people should make decisions because it will set them free. Don’t allow your past OR YOUR PRESENT to determine your future create what you want, whatever it is, it has a solution #ptsd #anxiety #depression #bipolardisorder #BLPD #manicdepression #sexualabuse #lowselfesteem #sexualabuse #domesticabuse you name it < and remember that YOU ARE MORE!

Not from anyone else’s point of view but from the vision that God has put in your heart — an oppressed spirit will never be able to see God’s vision and will continue to try life without its creator, but a free spirit will mount up on wings like the eagles and fly high even when the devil thinks he has defeated another one!


Fear will keep you right where you are, courage will allow you to take the first step forward, but a free spirit and determination will equip you with the mental strength required to face life everyday. Be persistent my dear and continue to practice this every morning of your life.

The word of God says this world will bring us trouble, but  despite of it all we should have peace because Jesus overcame the world, (John16:33). We just need to have faith and believe in our savior. Our mind will always be in constant battle with our spirit because our fight is not with blood and flesh, but the evils spirits that are in this dark world, (Ephesians 6:12).

“It’s not that moment of thinking that will determine what you will be doing next, but what you think about instead.”—Denise

In orders to overcome like Jesus, and be able to battle against these spirits we need to know the transforming Spirit of God, who can only be obtained though God Himself. Once we understand our spirit we will be able to uproot anything that could be hindering our clear thinking. When we think clear we can then understand what is the issue and how to address it.

Let’s connect, email me, text me any question, doubts, or issues you think  you may have,  and lets build a relationship that could transform your life.

With you in heart & mind  always,

Your Coach and Counselor —Denise Kilby

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