Don’t be scared of taking risks and doing what you want. Thinking about it will not get you anywhere.

In this life you reap what you have sown.

Are you sowing?

A have a few more questions:

  1.  Are you fighting for what you want or what you (who) want is fighting you? You know what you want, why not go get it instead of losing sleep over it.
  2. Are you doing anything today that will add or subtract to your future? Invest in your future, at time not investing equals spending (even time).
  3. Are your dreams scaring you and chasing away instead of you chasing them, are you fleeing? Then those are the dreams that you need to turn around and go after. That’s your calling, God will take care of the rest, but you have to take the first step.
  4. Are you tired of belonging to the government, society, racial injustice, discrimination, stereotyping, your boss, religion, “what people may think”? Become the government, contribute to society, fight for racial justice with peace, do not discriminate (not everyone of a certain color is a certain way), stop being stereotypical yourself (not everyone of a certain color is racist or hates you), and become your own boss, don not conform to the patterns of this world END religion and follow God-Jesus your Savior’s foot steps, that will help you worry less about what people think. Give them something to talk about.
  5. Is your view too small or too broad , can you visualize (faith) yourself 3 years from now?


If you’re view is too small is because you need to believe in yourself (you’re more), if your view seems to BROAD is because you’re getting ahead of yourself (perspective), and if you can’t see what other’s see or empathize with vision (faith) is because you’re stuck looking back and further action is required.

•do something amazing •right there •right now •take action •move forward •go for it •you can do it •dream •believe •achieve •don’t quit •make history •women •men •youth •children •you’re capable •trust God •have-faith •lifecoach

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-Denise K.

©️2018 Denise Kilby New Hope Christian Life Coaching. All rights reserved.

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