Wake up everyday with the desire for a new mission, find your scene and wake up with gratitude with a need to help others, and give what you want to receive.

Think about the things that you can do for others and how you can change the world around you, the environment in which you are in. Don’t let the stress of people’s behavior overwhelm you; instead imagine how your own exhaling can bring fresh oxygen to a contaminated air instead of carbon dioxide. Sometimes that sounds imposible (because it is physically imposible) but hyperbolically speaking there are people so toxic that can make us think that our exhales are fresher than the air we are breathing in the environments we are in.

This can be hard to handle and live with, even more difficult to take deep breaths and relax. But we have to think outside our own heads. There are people being used by evil forces to destroy us and they don’t even know it (some enjoy it), and our job in this life is to be happy.

People are in need of love, even when they don’t know how to say hug me, most of the time they are screaming “I don’t know how to manage my emotions and I am suppressing them.”

The way people treat you is usually a reflection of how they’re feeling and what they have been suppressing for years in their lives, but this also applies to the way we treat others. This doesn’t give anyone a free pass to abuse us.

Don’t let anyone abuse you, stand on your ground, but don’t build walls, build glass bridge for this kind of people that allow everyone to see to the other side but also instill fear if they cross running it the wrong way.

Let the ones around know how much you love them as often as you feel it but don’t over use the word to the point it becomes a routine, and also let them know when you need space as often as you do; honesty will add value to who you are as an individual.

No one can read your mind—not even God (He already knows it all) speak up! Make opportunities happen for yourself.

Go out and help others when you can, teach your kids gratitude and how to give back to this world by helping and donating. Buy your co-worker lunch from time to time, a water perhaps, hold the door for a stranger, kindness and gratitude are shown in the way you live, IS A LIFESTYLE, give an offering of love, buy a close friend a gift card “just because”, do something that changes the way you look at yourself.

Changing the focus from the needs we have to the needs other people have and focusing on what God wants of us rather than on what we want from God will make our days a lot lighter and will add weight on its value. It will change how you feel right away!

As soon as you do it some aspects of your life will change, don’t limit yourself, live to your full potential. Don’t stop doing what you love. Take breaks as often as needed and allow your body, soul and spirit to heal—come back whenever you’re ready.

This is your life-just don’t forget to start living. Expand your circle of love, find a role model, there’s always someone that we can admire in life. Find a mentor, a counselor, a coach, someone to help you make goals and most importantly achieve them.

As always with full love in my heart and your best interest in it,

—Denise Kilby

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