We can definitely go back to the talking era and break free from what’s holding us back.

Talking isn’t part of the solution and conversations are too much of a task to even think of, so let’s just fight and argue instead. “Your opinion isn’t smart (in other words), I make more sense (said by attitude not by logical thinking or the heart) that’s insane, ignorant, stupid, I don’t want to talk about it, I’m done, I don’t like making plans, they never happen, dreams don’t come to pass, I don’t care, there’s nothing else to say, that’s where we end, etc.” are some of the words that spouses use with each other nowadays, those are small examples of things lived and said behind close door.

Those are things that children hear and learn; in most cases on a regular basis, disagreement, inconsistency, confusion, disappointment, lack of hope, negativity, misunderstanding, judgment, resentment and much more. All because we live in an era we’re one or both spouses are stuck to a screen and a world that isn’t real and view the real world (their partner-their spouses) as if they’re not real as well. They expect things that are impossible and reject the unexpected (but possible-and beautiful).

In a world where there’s so much hate, suffering, hunger, arguing, disappointment, loneliness, misunderstanding, disagreement and lastly but not least discrimination, the best thing we can do is be the ultimate hero to those we love. It doesn’t take much to be a great example, 90% of the time it takes a lot less than we can even think of. Our children will live an adult life and handle situations base on what they learned at home, that too is also about 90% right. Stop and think, put your heart to it.

You probably think I don’t have children yet, or I don’t want any, this doesn’t apply to me at all. I am here to remind you that you are someone’s child and that you don’t live in this world alone, you live submerged in the midst of billions of living creatures and breathing individuals that give life to yours.

Be the person your spouse would rather converse with, the listener to your neighbor, be the healer to the sick, the soul patch to the broken, the encourager to discouraged, the planner, the solution, the person to come to in search of hope, the peacemaker, the faithful friend, the lover, the willing, the creator of things at home, be the hero to someone. Don’t wait for a text message, don’t apologize with a heart emoji express yourselves verbal loud and clear, voice your opinions with love. Talk in person, hug be the shoulder to lean on the strong hold, not the know it all!

Now, that might seem hard to do, but where there’s love all things are possible. As long as give as much as we can we are doing as much as possible and that my dear should be very self rewarding. Live aware of what you’re doing, make yourself happy while making others happy, don’t lose grip of yourself while caring for those you’ve been chosen to take care of.

Express yourself with words that blows every millennial’s mind, be the baby boomer that every millennial wants to become and create a world everyone wants to make love in, don’t be afraid to exist and live in the times you were born, remember that love doesn’t have an expiration date.

Remember that to care for other’s you have to be spiritually healthy first, a healthy sweet heart will give out sweet love, but a bitter one will eventually ooze a pungent taste.   —dk

#WeAreEqual #Your’reNotLess #ImNotMore

—Denise Kilby

Ps. “You’re beginning is where & I end where you begin”

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