In life we will honestly know what we are made of when we are going through the fire. It is when we are being processed that the best of us gets a chance to come out and shine, to stand out and get the shape that it needs at that given time in that particular situation because in live we will never stop being shaped.

The best of me comes out when I’m going through the hardest things in life (or what I feel is the hardest at the time…), don’t we all have times as these?

What we do is what will determine the outcome of the situation.
Did you know that you can still produce while you’re going through a process of “drought”, past a child baring age?
In Genesis 17:21 God gave Abraham a promise that “his wife would give him a son” that seemed naturally impossible due to their old age so aye, “she laughed”. The same seems to happen to us when when are going through a rocky path and we are given a promised or are told that the sun will come after the storm.
We can’t visualize the smooth side of the road at time and get physically tired just by thinking about it. We don’t believe that anything good can come out of us at that time. And here comes Mr. or Mrs.’s positive trying to tell us “everything is going to be alright, don’t give up, you can do it, you’re almost there…keep swimming” (keep hiking would sound more relevant right—wink face).

The “I can’t do it” thought is a full lie. Sarah (Abraham’s wife) was able to go through the process and despite her old age give birth to her child, who multiplied in generations and became. Now, Sarah wasn’t perfect. She was far from it indeed and in her imperfection God’s righteousness didn’t back up on His promise.
Sometimes we get the hardest assignment or the biggest promises in the darkest moments and can’t seem to see the light to complete those assignments or to find hope to believe those promises, at times we get both. But what we do while we are there is extremely important.
We might not always understand the “why” of at least 70% of the things we go through in life but can get to know the “what for” at the end of the process, if while we’re going through the hardships we make a conscious decision to learn something from them. And even if they’re not hardships. If we decide to give our all to the situation in order to get the best learning experience from it to avoid making the same mistakes (even if we face a similar situation again) we will not react the same way.
The key is on being determined to take action to avoid abrupt reactions that could shift the mold in which we are while going through the process of being shape through the fire.

Have you ever heard of that saying, “you will reap what you have sown”? Sometimes it seems so unfair, especially when you have sown goodness in people and get bitterness in return, treated unfairly, and with disrespect… correct!? I know! You’re not alone. I too been there my dear. This happens at home, at work, at the park, the grocery store and even at the fine restaurants we want to go have a nice sit down dinner with our love ones.
Now, have you even heard of the truth that “hurt people hurt people”, that bitterness may not be from the seed you planted, and learning to identify that is very important in order to end self-blame. That bitterness that you’re getting may be from unhealed grief and mourning that is still present in people’s life. From ongoing pain and trauma. You may not not be able to change a bitter and damaged heart with who you don’t have a relationship with (i.e. at the restaurant or grocery store etc.) but you can try to seek help as a family for your loved ones and with your love ones. In the case of your co-workers, employees, or employers you can suggest/do webinars on how to better the communication. Let go of the past and move forward at work. You can’t change anyone, you can only change how you move forward from today on.

But I tell you what is possible, refocusing. Invest that energy, that time, that thought, and that heart in someone else, into something else, a new activity a new idea, a new creation, a new version and improved you.

Think about how you can start sowing into someone else, take your focus from that situation and move to what you can do next.
Where can you be productive, how can you keep moving towards your promise, remember you can still produce as long as you have life! Become the father and mother of nations expand and grow.

You need to believe!! I know first hand what it feels like to be in the middle of the burning fire that is meant to purify you me and give me the best shape of my life, what it feels like to be dying and simultaneously understand that is meant to reshape me, while I attend to a calling. Yet I still cry, because of the burning on my flesh. However, that doesn’t stop me from doing what God called me to do, and originally designed me to me. Not only on Sunday’s or Wednesday during Monday prayers, or when people see me… but at any given or called and chosen time that God wants to use me no matter what I am facing or feeling I choose to be what He called be to be to see the results that I want.

Thank you for reading. Contact me for coaching, guidance, counseling and or crisis response.

With my best love in Christ!

Your coach,

Denise K.

©️2021 Denise Kilby New Hope MHCLC. All right reserved.

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