Monday Motivation: Be there for a teen. Parent-teens is hard. Being a teen is hard too.

Parenting a teenager is what I’ve experienced as the hardest season of my parenting years. Yes, I may be biased here, and some people may say “I’ve had great teens to parent”.
Well, bologna! Have you thought about them?

If you try to compare a newborn sleeping, waking up, crying for the boob or bottle, latching, farting, dirtying the bed, burping and back to sleep or a toddler wobbling around the way, making a mess having to change their clothes right before the party starts, or even a child between the ages 5-10 with school activities and what not, where you can pick them up, dress them, take them with you, wherever you want —pretty much make them happy with LOVE, toys, and leave them with a babysitter as needed or with grandma and grandpa and even if they fuss they go, stay and respect… (EVEN IF UNHAPPY).

…where was I going? Oh, yeah if you compare the aforementioned with a teenager in need of love, affection, space, development, autonomy, maturity, and REALIZATION.

A body in full development, hormonal changes, facial hair for the boys, boobs for the girls, UNWANTED biological traits from mom and dad for (which they might hate you) and don’t tell you, an underlying desired of NEVER wanting to be with you, but having to because, you clothes them, feed them, & because they sometimes love you, and you’re corky funny at times, (is the Christ thing to do). Oh yeah they’re dealing with friends who are straight up poop heads, but “aye, don’t talk about them they’re still friends”. Not to mention how some others don’t have any and this presents a whole other bag of SERIOUS issues. Please let’s not minimize them, here.

#PEER #PRESSURE, they want all the piercings of the world because the WORLD has them, they have #tattoos questions arising and you have to explain tattoos (the actual hole and ink) like you would marriage, is a permanent thing and so on, make sure this is what you would want…!!!

Yeah!! Parent-teen(s) is HARD!!!
But guess what else is hard?

Being a teen! #teenagerposts

If you notice changes in your teen or a teen you care deeply about, seek professional help. Something as simple as talking to an unbiased person 2/3 times a month can help manage, alleviate, and control stress as well as have drastic life lasting effect.

Be there for a teen!

©️2022 Denise Kilby New Hope MHCLC Assoc. All rights reserved.

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