Self-sufficiency Comes With Independence & Self-worthiness Comes With Self-realization

Just like some pictures can’t be edited so they don’t loose that perfect color to the aesthetic eye some chapters in our lives are not meant to be lived twice.

Don’t complain for the people that leave you alone (perhaps to fly freely), use that time to grow and embrace those who want to be with you — meet new people!

Connect with yourself and grow in other areas.

A lot of times we limit ourselves & make our #OWN inner growth depend on someone else each one of those words have a meaning of their own INDEPENDENCE—we do not need anyone else to fulfill our own needs.

Let’s enjoy those that are there and don’t bend over backwards for those who are not even willing to bend over frontwards for us!

May your worthiness depend solely on the value that you give to your life base on how you treat yourself” —Denise K.

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