“We have to make life happen for us, special people might take our breath away but will never be able to breathe and live for us” —Denise

Monday, a new work week with new opportunities to commence doing what we love 💕


Whatever situation may be sitting in front of you will not be that way for ever it’s temporary, time will go by and things will change. Nothing on this earthly life is eternal, one day this life too will end. #eternal #end




If you are happy with the circumstances you’re surrounded by right now make sure to cherish the moment and count your blessings, nothing will remain the way it is and we have to be ready for all seasons in life. #cherishlife




If you’re unhappy with your current situation, know, trust, AND believe that THIS TOO shall pass. Wait patiently, as the wheel spins your way because your happy hour is soon to come. #wait




1. There’s always something or someone to pray about.

2. Trust, have faith, don’t lose hope.

3. Believe the promises that have been made to you.

4. Give it all you got, more will come your way.

5. Be kind to yourself and to those around you.

6. Be genuine and if sober mind.

7. Know your worth and live seeking the greatest strength in people, this world has enough people looking for imperfections in others.

8. Proclaim the good news, claim your promises and declare victory over your life.

9. Live for today, for tomorrow is not promised and it will bring its own troubles.

10. Don’t forget to smile, if you can’t jump the obstacles go around then. You are capable, you are more, there’s more within you. Trust and believe, this too shall pass. Either for better or worse but things will always be in constant change.

The choices we make in life have to come with something deeper than a mere decision. We are owners of the things  we do and create for ourselves, we have to love and not be afraid to say it when we feel it, we have to dream and make sure to chase those dreams, we have to fight for what we want and make sure to win.

Victory will not always be physically, a victory is the one won deep down in the heart. People will not always congratulate us nor celebrate us the way we want, that is why we have to make choices that impact our own lives, we have to live for ourselves, and gift ourselves the love that we deserve, in a positive way, we have to aim higher, our expectations should not be placed on anyone who is a mere mortal just like us.

When we think great things we should see great things, when we want good things we should give good things, when we are blessed others should be bless as well.

Start working on yourself from the inside out!

Be blessed!

With love and with you in mind,

Denise Kilby #letsconnect

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