I go to bed every night with plans of what I want to do tomorrow, my plans don’t always workout, I even wake up and after thanking God for another day and talking to Him on a “one on one” level I look forward to a great day. However, our days will not always work as planned but we can be #determined to be the best version of ourselves no matter the situations that take place as our days take form and shape… I don’t let the shape of the day shape me (at least try not to, let’s not talk about 5/6 years ago), I try to make myself feel useful and productive FOR MYSELF and be the best version of me no matter what. Whether I am in the office, or in bed. I am unapologetic of being the best version of me because I feel complete with giving myself the opportunity to be great everyday.

“I can only make sure that all is well with me first before I try to help anyone else, otherwise I’d be setting the world up for disgrace” -Denise

If you feel amazing about yourself you’ll be able to enjoy life no matter how much rain the storm might bring your way. You’ll learn how to dance in the rain and how sing songs of joys while you should be lamenting. As long as we’re alive there are opportunities for everyone, and you’re alive today.

We have the potential of be productive and successful wherever we are, this all depends on what we call success and our desire to be productive.

1. Remember that you are a person that produces value!

2. When you over deliver in your current situation no matter what that is, it defines who you are!

3. What you think about yourself is what will be reflected on what you do!

4. Even if you think that no one notices, this is not about others this is about yourself!

5. Make sure that when you put your head on the pillow at night you feel happy with what you have done with your day!

6. Think about your current situation, how can you blow everybody’s mind? How can you be the best you despite of your situations!?

You are the owner of your thoughts. No one knows what goes through your mind unless you speak up and no one will understand yourself better than you can (on this earth). You are all alone in your head!

What are the results you want to create? We all know what we want to see, but what are we willing to create?

There will be people saying “there’s nothing wrong with him/her” and that is perfectly okay, because we are not victims we are victorious is God’s name!

With love always and with you in mind,

Denise Kilby #letsconnect

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