If you need things you to work in your favor work in favor of others, when they’re around you as well as when they’re not!

If you can’t shine by your own merits (your own glow and natural light) I suggest you to find ways to glow that do not involve putting others down, trying to speak evil or down on others as an attempt to make yourself be noticed.

#Badnews Most of the times it never works, people will only see more of your dull-self, and see the other person shine even brighter. Be unique, shine bright .

I suggest you pick your own lamp and add oil to it so you can be notice. Add •knowledge, •self #respect, •security, •self esteem, •character, •confidence and •education! #educateyourself

Once those things are added then you’ll begin to notice that you don’t even need to speak when you walk into a room people will see your brightness change the atmosphere and make the day of those who surround you ❣️

Now, not everyone is able to do this so simple, for those filled with hatred, resentment, jealousy, and a envious heart the work without God becomes a lot harder.

#bethebestyou #merits #worthy #selfrespect #mentalstability #mentalhealth #selfgrowth #dontbetoxic #growup #seekhelp

With love always,

Denise Kilby

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