In order for the water to come out of the faucet the water must first undergo the process of going through the pipes.

There is a process for everything in life, your blessing might just be going through the pipes before it starts flowing through the faucets of your life.

Understanding that we have to wait to gain or obtain certain things in life may sound easier than what it truly is, after all they always say that it is “easier done than said”, well let’s hold on that factual statement. The process of waiting can be one of the most daunting times in our lives, depending of how long one has to wait of course —we become anxious, discourage and in the worst circumstances take it up on ourselves to “make things happen” even if we have no clue on how to do it. Thus resulting in a ‘catastrophic mega fail’. Can you discern my level of anxiety just of the thought of fail or having to wait? Yeah, me too I can actually feel my sympathetic nervous system releasing sweat to my eccrine sweat gland (sweaty palms right now). Not literally but I can be very dramatic and happen to be pretty good at hyperbolically speaking so to speak.

“I have this huge desire to awaken everyone who sleep while they believe they are alive” -Denise

The same happens during the process of waiting, times seems longer, things seem impossible, and we become either more eager or discouraged. We forget that we can only control ourselves, our thoughts, our responses and our own actions.

Often times we react instead of taking action. Can this be any truer right now, there’s nothing more true than the trust itself and all truth comes from God (Needed to add that in there).

Our hearts are the source of our thoughts. What is in your heart? Anxiety, anger, bitterness, depression, laziness, hopelessness, hatred, hurt, perhaps immoral thoughts?

The problem can be that we don’t like to wait, (no kidding), but as time goes by I’ve come to realize that we actually waste more time waiting than doing while we are waiting, because of our fears and our lack of patience, perhaps our lack of understanding that’s there’s a process for everything in life. Thus, we end up wasting our time instead of investing it. Are you beginning to get a sense of things now, can you hear me cry? Good, now lets listen (wink)!

Mothers naturally have to wait a period of 40 weeks to birth a child (the waiting process), and as the months go by both parents (in most cases) grow anxious (in a good way) in a positive way, and submerge themselves in various types of preparation for the birth of their child (the price of waiting). They spend time, buying all the necessary things (and even the not so necessary) with a joyful heart, and eager to meet face to face with their unborn child for the first time, they have debates on what to name their UNBORN, they plan a baby shower etc. and in general don’t get discourage and forget what they’re waiting for just because they have to wait 40 weeks. All the contrary as time goes by their love grows strong and their anxiety grows bigger (but they continue to trust God). They don’t begin to try to birth their child before its due date! Can you imagine that? Now, that could be a “catastrophic mega fail” on parenting.

Now that we have gone to the extremes can we imagine a life without having to wait for anything? Good, because it’ll never be such a thing. There is a process for everything and that involves waiting.

Why are we always trying to avoid the process of waiting and trying to birth our own blessings? Our blessings comes from above, we don’t have to do anything to birth them because they will come on its due time! Woo… can you feel the heat?

Here are two questions that we should ask ourselves: Is what I’m waiting for, waiting for me to get ready for it? Is what I’m waiting for not so important for me that I am not taking the necessary steps to prepare for its arrival?

What if I told you that our blessing are on its way but it won’t get to us until we are prepared to receive them.

How about we precondition our minds?

While I’m waiting I will pray, I will invest my time, I will indulge and start getting ready for what I want, I will be diligent with how I spend my time, I will not waste my time. I will do for others while I wait for God to do for me… the list goes on.

There are so many things that we can do while we are waiting and here we are trying to change the hands of the clock.

If you like what you read and you what to read more feel free to connect, share this post, make it yours, save it and do whatever it takes to remind yourself and those you love that the waiting process is a beautiful inevitable opportunity to connect with our innermost and the creator of life.

Be blessed my dear!

With love,

Denise Kilby

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