Our brains can produce and try to sabotage us into believing that we are unable to do certain things that DEEP down we want to do. Deep down within us we know that we have what it takes, but our brain gets filled with so much fear that the negativity becomes bigger than the positivity. Is this resonating so far?

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That is called cognitive dissonance: The fight between two thoughts – a negative one and a positive one.

We have to break free by challenging ourselves:

• Changing the way we think

• Living in the now

• Remembering what we’re all about:

• Make new believes reproduce positive thoughts about yourself

• Reprogram your brain

Let go of that old believe system and find a middle point:

1. “I can lose weight” rather than “I CANNOT LOSE WEIGHT, OR I NEED TO LOSE 30 lbs.” *find a middle meeting point*

2. “I can be successful” rather than – “I NEED TO MAKE 100k A YEAR TO BE SUCCESSFUL, or I’LL BE SUCCESSFUL WHEN I HAVE MY OWN BUSINESS ” *meeting point*

3. “I can help people right from where I am in life”, while I get to where I want to be” rather than – “I NEED TO FINISH DOING THIS IN ORDER TO BE ABLE TO REACH OUT, or I AM NOT EQUIPPED TO HELP ANYONE yet” *meeting point*

WHY are the negative thought in CAPS? Because unfortunately people hold on to negative thoughts easier than to positive ones; that’s how our brain is looking at our negative though – AS MORE , BIGGER,  & LOUDER. You can change that believe system by getting out of your comfort zone!

A comfort zone is not always so comfortable↕️

Those negative thoughts are what the enemy wants you to believe – those positive thoughts are what God wants you to seek from within and place them in your mind on everything you do in live.

Manage your mind, take ownership of what you believe! We all want good things right?

You have to humble yourself and admit that your current believe system is not working (if it really isn’t). Challenge yourself to be what you really want and start believing!

“We go as far as we’re willing to go in our journey, no one has the power on earth to stop us from achieving” – Denise K.

If you believe in God are you actively looking for evidence that there is no God? No right?- you’re showing people what you believe, and you look for evidence that proves that there is a God, you give testimonials about what He has done in your life to make others believe the same, to help others, and have them come to Christ… Help yourself, BELIEVE in yourself!!!

#trust #believe #achieve #hope #faith

You’re amazing, wonderful, powerful, loved, capable, able, equipped!

Now, be blessed and stay in touch 😉

With love always,

Denise Kilby

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