When you are able to understand and control your inner self you begin to see the world in a different way. Things might not always make sense, but you can rest on the peace of knowing that everything happens for a reason, there’s a purpose for everything and if you’re alive reading this right now – there’s purpose in your life.

Allow spiritual growth in your life and reconnect with your soul, seek what’s deeper within. That one thing that no one can see but yourself and God, try to let the fears go, embrace positivity and reject anything or anyone that could possibly hinder that connection.

You’re entitled to be happy, seek true happiness. Start growing mentally, as you begin to understand yourself, and challenge those thoughts that are trying to keep you small.

“You are the way you see people, how do you see me today?” Denise

Do you look at people with kindness and compassion trying to highlight the good things about them, or are you looking for flaws and reasons to put other’s downs?

You’re still on time to change your opinion and forgive yourself. I have changed, you can change!

Find people that can help you grow and understand what you’re fully capable and able of doing in life, but don’t forget to start looking within yourself.

There’s always going to be someone to look up to and learn from 💕

Commit to yourself first and don’t forget the mission! #motivate #earlybird #Friday

I am here to serve,

Denise Kilby

Ps. Let’s connect, comment, ask, email, text, or call.

©️2018 Denise Kilby New Hope Christian Life Coaching. All rights reserved.

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