Life can be challenging and the obstacles may seem higher than they truly are, the waters seem to rise and it seems to be no ways out, at times…. Do you feel like your current situation is more than you can handle? If so, let me remind you, there’s always something or someone to remind us that, “we are more”. Allow me to remind you! Some answers to your many questions can be within yourself, if you need help reaching them – let’s connect -, some others may be within your finger tips – type away -, you just have to reach to God, He’s already there, out to someone, or to me I’m already here.

In order for some things to fall into place, other things need to move out of place…stay connected, find the rhythm within you -Dk

There’s an old saying that goes “Easier said than done”, that is still to this day true, but I’m a firm believer that it gets easier once we start doing… to me is more like “Easier when you start getting things done” -Dk

Life gets lighter when you have some help. Stay connected to what is to come, don’t lose hope, reach out, and let me show you that you’re more than the giant you’re facing!

Stay Blessed,

  Denise Kilby

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