As humans we posses the ability to control our thoughts, something that not a lot of people believe, are aware of, or are yet to discover. Whenever we face a stressful situation in life we are capable of recovering from it very quickly… (yes quickly). Is all about the thoughts that we use and put in our minds right after the event to replace mind-blurring, negative thoughts.

Keep in mind this is different than a traumatic event (i.e. a mother who loses her child, child abuse, or domestic violence).

We are talking about emotions how they affect our mood and how we have the capability to regain control of them!

The difference in the impact that bad situations have in our lives 🆚 the memory of it being erased is that we are more conscious (humanly aware) on how that particular situation made us feel… thus we don’t realize when we have freed ourselves from that feeling, as the day progresses. This is done unconsciously, by replacing negative thoughts with positive ones.

To overcome a bad situation we must acknowledge it, deal with it and move on. This doesn’t necessarily mean accepting the situation even when is necessary to accept that we are indeed facing an emotional situation.

“No one can postpone emotions but everyone can control their thoughts before they become permanent feelings” —Denise K.

A last night argument, misunderstanding, or disagreement cannot be the reason you’re walking around grouchy, or grumpy with everyone today. Take those thoughts captive—remember (2 Corinthians 10:5)? Put it to practice!

. **Always make sure that your feelings are being validated at least by yourself**

Being aware of our emotional state will allow us to understand our feelings which is the first step to recovery from past hurt or emotional imbalance. And the beginning to a great journey of self-care.


  1. Control your impulsivity become aware of your actions.
  2. Practice self-patient and pray to become patient—always self aware, but yet sensitive to others.
  3. Don’t shy out to try new things; shyness will only place you in a low energy level, and low sensitivity to the world because you’re too focus on how the world can make you feel. Don’t deprive-yourself.
  4. Be focused to attention, don’t become anxious about things that are yet to come. Being anxious will only delay your recovery from past situation.

If you are reading in actual time have a Happy Friday, become what you believe and recover, you are resilience.

You have the ability and deserves to overcome mental health impulsivity, lack of patient, anxiety, physical health conditions and any other thing that is controlling your mind.

©️2019 Denise Kilby New Hope Life Coaching & Lay Christian Counseling. All rights reserved.

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