It may seem like drought season but that sun in the horizon on the image above seems pretty aesthetic to me

I keep my eyes on the target (or at least try to regroup my thoughts to it throughout my day).

I recommend you not to focus on what is right in front of you but instead to look ahead! The prognosis can seem very complicated right now, uncertain, perhaps impossible, and it can actually be impossible right this moment; I understand you, but let your dreams take you back. Don’t lose hope!

Do you remember your childhood dreams? (not the super hero ones, wink-wink!) this is real life now.

Oh I was Wonder Woman btw (just an FYI!)

I still chase them (the achievable ones of course) and allow God to take me back to my childhood memories. I remember being unhappy sometimes at the things I didn’t have in life as I used to see my friends with things my mom couldn’t afford, I remember being sad of not having a dad and being molested by my step dad—I will never be able to have those years back and I can’t dream of having a dad and miraculously make one appear and be 8 all over again. But somehow in the midst of the pain and the uncertainty I would dream about all the things I wanted to be, (literally) I would night dream and day dream, act out and imagine myself being a Pastor and preaching hope and faith into the broken hearted, being a doctor taking care of kids, or a nurse helping people grownups.

When I became older and I begin to have a clearer notion of things I understood that things had been really bad in my childhood, worst than I thought at the ages 8,9,&10. I somehow lost it, at the age of 12/13 I saw a psychiatrist for the first time after I was intervene for the first time, things has taken a whole different path. Everything was clear now, I realized I was indeed molested, abused and had seen experienced and done more things I should never have at such a young age.

This is when my passion for helping others mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and even physically really evolved and I wanted to know how can one do that.

The point I’m trying to make here is that, I always had dreams of helping others. I wanted to be a pediatrician, then a nurse, later in life write a book (I still dream about that), then a psychologist and now I’m pursuing my PhD. Do you get what I’m saying here?

I allow God to remind me that I still can make them come alive. You can do the same. You can totally focus and center your thoughts, dreams and vision on the broader and bigger picture. The one NO ONE knows about your dreams.

Don’t focus your eyes on the mountains beside you, don’t center your eyes on the ground beneath you, walk down the path that will take you to the horizon in front of you” —Denise

You are the main author of your story everyone else comes as an extra, and God as the main director will give them the place He wants them to play, for specific purposes in some parts of your story. Some people are meant to stay for all seasons of your life, some others are only needed for certain seasons and others just for one or two. You as the main character my dear, will need to remain and prevail all the way till the end. A lot of times you will have to play alone.

Stay centered, focused, determined, oriented, following directions from the main director, and play along and walk that path!

If you or someone you know needs helps finding themselves please seek professional help. Life is better when you have guidance from someone who cares.

Remember that you’re not alone, I am here with you and for you.

Contact me if you need me!

As always with your best interest at heart and mind,

—Denise Kilby

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