Feelings are temporary, emotions are given by God to be able to identify our feelings but we need to learn how to listen to the spirit and understand how to listen something deeper than to a mere emotion. Take time to connect with yourself, with God and with what you do have, also with what you don’t have, think about what were you created for, what was God’s plan when He created a wonderful human being like you?

“Remember it is not so much about you feel, it is more about what you know in your heart!”

We will not all know what we were created for right when we become adults, and for many of us not even when we come out of college, a lot of us didn’t even go to college until after having kids, some others never went to college and many are still clueless about what “what were they created for” it is perfectly normal not to know what we were created for a period of time.

We walk around with that question in our heads for so many years, and that is perfectly fine we are human beings living in a world filled with living creatures. It is normal to think, wonder and question our purpose in life, it is even normal to believe the lies of the devil when he tells us that we are created to do certain things that we know deep down we were not created for. Yes, that too is normal, although it is not okay.

There’s a difference between what is normal and what is okay in life. We know that as human being we can sense when things are right and wrong, and one of those senses becomes extremely arouse when we are doing something that we feel we were not created to do. Perhaps a career we’ve chosen or even being in a relationship we feel we were not created to be in. We need to make sure that we follow the whisper of His voice rather than the noises of this world.

Day by day we go following what the world is doing and we can sort of begin to forget that we are an individual different in every sense of the word. We have our own calling in life, even if we are called to do the same thing that someone else is doing we are called to do it differently, because we are all different and loved by God individually. Therefore, He speaks to us in different ways the process He uses to get someone you may know to their divine destiny may not be the same one He will use with you (in fact it WILL NOT be the same one), please do not follow the crowd even, if the crowd is following what you called to believe is good. -Follow the whisper of His voice-

Can you hear that voice telling you what you were created for? Perhaps not audibly, but I’m sure deep down you can feel that you were called and chosen for more, that is in fact because you are more than your present situation no matter how satisfied you are in life, you can always be more and do more. This doesn’t mean be greedy, greed is not a good thing, but when we seek to have more with the solely purpose to give more we will always have more and be able to bless other people with more.

More can mean more knowledge, peace, love, understanding, kindness, wisdom in general, even financial possessions with the purpose to bless others, more relationships, stronger relationships, in conclusion anything increasing in size with good intention.

“We don’t plant a seed to never see the flower bloom we plant a seed with expectations to see it bloom on its season each and every time and admire its beauty—we sow with hopes to harvest, we want to bear fruits”

Let’s plant all season!

That feeling that you get when you do something good, and better and more and want to continue to do good and better and more for others it’s called His Whisper that is His voice telling “you are more” “good job”, “you can do more”, “you were created for more” “go for more” “I’m here for you!” That’s confirmation of spiritual growth!

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”—2 Timothy 1:7 (KJV)

If you like this please comments let’s connect text me let me know your current time and where are you reading me from!

As always with you in heart and mind,

—Denise Kilby


Ps. Typing from my iPhone at the supermarket parking lot, please forgive me if there’s any typos I will edit when I get home from my laptop! This is love and passion for my calling and all of you!

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