I wanted to publish a quick inspirational post, on this beautiful Sunday.

As I get ready to go to church God touched my heart and I felt the need to minister to the community of Instagram, and thought I should share with the world as much as possible through the website and linked pages as well.

You’re made of great quality, I am not sure if you have been able to notice but I’d like for you to reflect on everything that you have been through in live. It can be a lot to even think back but once this is done it give you so much strength and courage to continue to hold on.

Revisit your bad AND good experiences as a child, as a teen and becoming an adult and even as an adult. Don’t you think that’s a lot for one heart to withstand? I think so, despite the many times we thought our heart was going to reap apart with every heart ache we are still here. I personally think that every heart ache has made me stronger because I am able to deal with more even without concsiously noticing the fact.

Many times I though for sure I would have a heart attack and die… ask my children I’m sure they’d love to tell you how many times I told them “you guys are going to kill me” or my husband..!! (Laughs). Well, truth is I’m still here, oopsies… I might have over exaggerated things a little bit. I didn’t die my friends. On another note woohoo why thank you God! I over came every form of abuse as a child I thought it was for sure maeant to destroy me (in my eyes at that time kill me), relationship fails, divorce, depression, anxiety, personal and self-abuse (yes we can become victims of ouorsleves), traumas, among MANY others. All those things and many more, but we are not here to talk about me, I just wanted you to know that it is possible.

“I have lots to do in this world my friends and one of those things is to reach out to the world and share by grace what by grace was given to me.”

I hope you can enjoy this, #intagram -like post and that you can feel a little lighter and stronger as you notice the quality of your heart!

Fill in the blanks: YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM OF___________ YOU ARE A SURVIVOR OF ____________!!! I’m sure that felt good, it feels great when I mention a billion things in that session of my day. Practice this every morning even when you are feeling your greatest!

The devil has intended so many things to break your heart and for you to fall apart, but God created you with so much quality that your little heart is still holding on the weight of all your troubles #holdon

What was intended to break you, is making you stronger, you’re still holding YOU, if you haven’t noticed you’re still breathing—there’s a purpose and it’s called YOU in this world. Only God knows why, but I encourage you to never lose heart ♥️ because greater things are yet to come! .

He’s giving you a new opportunity! #TODAY

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As always with you in heart and mind,

—Denise Kilby #letsconnect

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