Growing up with siblings will make us experts on spotting favoritism. Can you agree? Since we are children we become to sense things, and notice that it should be a balance in life and equality.

Many Americans favorite their bodies over their minds. We practice dental hygiene, we take showers daily, we clothe ourselves accordingly to the weather, but we don’t take enough time investing in our mind, in our psychological and mental health.


Our emotions are a reflection of our minds. We spend more time taking care of our teeth than our mind. How can it be that we spend more time worrying about our looks, and our outer body then on our inner-self? Why is our physical health so much more important than our psychological and spiritual health?

We sustain psychological injuries even more often than physical ones, such as rejection, failure, or loneliness; and those injuries can also get worse if we ignore them. Thus, impacting our lives and a significant and more drastic way if we continue to ignore them. Although there is Biblical, scientific, psychological things that prove it and techniques to follow — we insist in neglecting our emotions.

When we have a more stable mental, and spiritual health we develop healthier, grater, and more solid relationships. Your mind is not something that you can shake off, it lives within you, is the source of your thoughts, and if you allow it your biggest battle field. As Dr. Guy  Winch, once said on a TEDTalk, (2014)  “You can’t say to a person with depression, oh you’ll be fine just shake it off is all in your head; imagine saying that to a person with a broken leg? oh you’ll be fine just walk it off”? It doesn’t work that way, out physical injuries need care, time and sometimes even therapy to heal and so does our mental and emotional injuries.

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your [mind], that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect”(Romans 12:2 ESV). You were not created to be fooled by what people said, you were not created to follow the crowd, you were not created to be less, you were not created to neglect yourself. Do not conform yourselves by what this world says, allowed transformation and renew your mind, so you can know what is best for you, what is good and what is bad, and what is the best for you!

There will be the many situation in life that will affect your emotions, that will make you feel sad, depressed, lonely, and even think that there is no hope. Such as separation from your biological family, break ups, divorce, moving to another country, losing your job, among many others. There is hope, there is a truth that awaits for you!

It is important to know how to identify the feelings that will affect your emotional well-being so you can learn how to counteract and attack.

Loneliness: Loneliness creates a deep psychological wound that distorts our perceptions and paralyzes us and scrambles our thinking, clouding our reality and making us think that those around us care much less than they actually do, it makes us really afraid to reach out because we begin to think  “why even bother they will reject me and I will end up feeling worse”. Loneliness is merely, purely and subjectively defined by how you feel, on the disconnection that you feel. Loneliness will not only make you miserable, it will kill you. Chronic loneliness increases your chances of an early death by fourteen percent, there is a large research on loneliness and it is all terrifying — loneliness causes high blood pressure, high cholesterol, it even suppresses the functioning of your immune system making you more vulnerable to many different diseases, even if compared taken together it decreases your health in the long term as cigarette smoking, with the difference that a pack of cigarettes come with warning. you can’t treat it if you don’t know about it. It makes us sad. We might feel an emptiness. We may be filled with a longing for contact. We feel isolated, distanced from others, deprived. These feelings tear away our emotional well-being. It is important to seek help and practice techniques that help you feel better. “For the sake of His great name the Lord will not reject His people, because the Lord was pleased to make His own” (1Samuel 12:22). You are not alone!

Failure: We all different reactions to failure, our mind can trick us into believing that can’t make it. Are you aware how your mind reacts to failure? Well you need to be, because you need to be able to identify when your mind is playing games on you, and get ready to change your mind-set. That is why many people perform below their full potential, because somewhere along the line they experience failure and became mentally paralyze; sometime a [single] failure convinces people making them believe that they can’t  make it, and they believe it. Once the mind becomes convinced is very hard to believe otherwise, once we believe something is hard to change. It might be normal but you have to fight feelings of helplessness; you have to get up and decide to try again, you have to empower yourself in the truth that rests within your soul and seek out greatness by unleashing who you really are. After all we all believe that we are worth more and deserve better and that is the true reason for our feelings (that is why we get to feel those ways), that’s the truth that lives within you. “My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion for ever” (Psalm 73:26 ESV). Even when you fail yourself God is there to guide the way.

Our emotions and our feelings cannot always be trusted not even our opinion and our thoughts.

Rejection: After a rejection we all start thinking (at some point in our lives) of how bad we are, how we’re not good enough and start with the why’s of life. Something we shouldn’t do because we are already emotionally damage, our self-esteem is already hurting, but it happens anyways because we are not aware of our emotions and how to battle them. We don’t know how to purify our self esteem. When our self-esteem is hurt we are more vulnerable about things, our emotions are in the line, we begin to ruminate on this things (to chew over). Not being able to control our emotions, will lead us to feeling lonely and eventually fall into a clinical depression. Even a few minutes of distraction can help you become distracted of the original thought, so every time we start thinking of the pain, the hurt, of what we are (in our vulnerable mental state of mind) and what we are not; we must shift out focus into something else in order to break that cycle. “What then shall we say to this things? If God is for us, who can be against us?”(Romans 8:31 ESV). So stand firm on the rock and don’t allow anything or anyone to affect the way you think and feel.

Purify your emotions, know that there is people who are worse, use their stories to build yourself and help others, connect to the source of life (God), and see how much further you can get.

By taking action when you’re lonely, by changing your responses to failure, by protecting your self-esteem, and battling negative thinking;  you’re not only purifying your emotions but building resilience.

Can you imagine a world that looks out for each other, a world full of love and people who take care of themselves, a world that is filled with encouragement, motivation and positive challenges?

“Be the world you want to see, create the world you want to live in— start with your heart and purify your emotions” -Denise Kilby

If you like this post and are interested in more, and how on learning how to crate mental balance connect with me. You can email, text, or call & you can also follow me on Instagram and Facebook (page is still in progress). Don’t hold back, lets build this world!

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