You Are Here!

Take time apart for yourself, but don’t take the time given to your from others!

Juicy short blog!!

Taking time away from the following things will allow you to recharge, reconnect, and remember, the reason the purpose, the power, the self-control, and the ability that lives within you which allows you to deal and handle these things and care for these people and handle these roles in your life.

You can take 10/15 min every 4/5 hr from

  • work
  • school
  • kids
  • wife
  • husband
  • boss
  • friends
  • church
  • siblings
  • ministry

You can add many more to that, whatever it is that’s pulling from YOU!

Yes! Even if it just 10/15 minutes a day and use that time to reconnect with who God created you to be for Him, FOR HIM not for everyone else (which is yourself) free, not overwhelmed, or overworked, conscious of what you’re capable of doing

Do something totally unrelated to your normal routine, and that doesn’t involve any of the already mentioned things and people (i.e., stare at a candle, go for a walk to admire the trees and nature not to think, watch 15 of a comedy show, a TED talk, read a book—yes it can be that simple).

That time will give you the energy that you need to continue to enjoy yourself, while you live and coexist with everyone else.

Have you noticed how great you are when you think about how perfect you were created rather than when you think about what you’re lacking?” —Denise K.

You are here now, and you need to be present, conscious, aware, but if you’re too focus on everyone else you will lose conscious of yourself and eventually fail at being present at everything you do and at everyone else.

You can’t help others if you’re not conscious of who you are

Taking time for yourself does not mean, to neglect those who love you and God blesses you with everyday, does mean to ignore your boss while he’s talking to you or walk out the pulpit while you’re preaching, neither does it mean to leave a client while you’re counseling him to take a 10min to breathe and regain control of who you are. Taking time for yourself mean creating a balance in between all those things and people, without taking time from them to find who you are! Let’s not forget all these things mentioned above are part of what completes your purpose here on this earth, these are assignments given to you because God knows that you can handle it, but there’s always a spiritual battle that weights us down and makes us feel like life is too much— that same force also makes us believe that we can handle it all and we just live a heartless life doing things without any love, just for the heck of doing them.

That’s what makes us unconscious of ourselves! Please don’t become numb, live in reality, don’t allow the routine to make you do good things that turn into bad (i.e., making me time into a whole day and unconsciously neglecting your love ones, or using the weekend for your friends instead of for your children) remember that there is people who love you, and that they make time for you as well. That is why you need balance to stay rooted and present so you can remember what you’re made of flesh and blood and where you live in a world filled with living creatures. You are not alone. #youaremore

This is about understand, creating, and living; not living understand and then creating. We have to understand our surrounding to create the life we want to live.

“Taking time apart for yourself means remembering how to breathe, to balance your emotions, to regain ground, and to enjoy feeling that you are human like everyone else is too!” —Denise K.

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As always my beloved readers with your best interest at heart,

—Denise Kilby

🙂 your coach and counselor 🙂

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