Zoom Video Meeting Schedule for the Month of December 2021

Today you can begin to experience healing and deliverance in every area of your life as you follow and apply the principles that we will be studying here the next 5 weeks.

Week 1– Wednesday 1st 7-8pm: Time to Praise and Worship Ecclesiastes 3:4
Week 2– Wednesday 8th 7-8pm: Acknowledging God’s truth Hebrews 13:15
Week 3– Wednesday 15th 7-8pm: Sing aloud in the morning for His fortress & refuge Psalms 59:16
Week 4– Wednesday 22nd 7-8pm: Telling of His Wonderful works 1 Chronicles 16:9
Week 5– Wednesday 29th 7-8pm: Let everything that has breath praise the LORD! Praise the LORD! Psalm 150:6

Key Words:
1. Fortress: a person or thing not susceptible to outside influence or disturbance.
2. Time: the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future
regarded as a whole.

3. Acknowledge: accept or admit the existence or truth…
4. Truth: a fact or belief that is accepted
5. Wonderful: inspiring delight, pleasure, or admiration; extremely good; marvelous
6. Breath: be alive; remain living.
7. Praise: express one’s respect and gratitude toward– express warm approval or admiration
8. Worship: the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration– honor given to someone in
recognition of their merit.

Request you link- prayers, ask questions, or make suggestions.    

©️ Copy Rights 2021 Denise Kilby MHCLC Association. All rights reserved.

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