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Lovely readers, as we approach the weekend and the end of a year I want you to enjoy this free “Stress Management Guide” that I’ve created for you.

“There are a number of ways chronic stress can kill you,” says Aldwin. That includes increased levels of cortisol, often referred to as the stress hormone. Elevated cortisol levels interfere with learning and memory, lower immune function and bone density, and increase blood pressure, cholesterol and heart disease. If this doesn’t sound alarming yet, click on the image for the full guide to understand the levels of stress, how it affects you holistically and learn coping skills to help you live a long healthy life.

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Stress could kill you… could kill you

Thank for reading, enjoy, be blesses, be healthy live well!

With my best love!

Your coach, 

Denise Kilby  I’d like to learn more

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2021 Fun Fact

Here you have it my readers this is your Wednesday Wedge!

This is a quick Wedge to help bridge some some things and calm some anxiety around the community.

After seeing so many memes asking for “2021’s previews before entering to it”, asking to “read its fine prints before agreeing to it” or “asking to skip it to be safe in case 2020 was just a preview of it”.

I can only come with one conclusion. We have a world in high anxiety, distress, traumatize and in fear of the unknown and very SADLY although UNKNOWINGLY declaring defeat over their lives.

FUN FUN FUN FACT my friends year 2021 is not here yet NO KIDDING HAAA if you’re going to call anything into existence use the power of your tongue to declare GOODNESS over your life, the life of those your love, the country you love and over this world.

Unless you’ve been given the gift of prophecy I don’t want to hear you telling me “this wold is going to poop” or “things are going to get worse” I will rebuke, rebuke and rebuke in name of Jesus!!

I suggest you pray for the gift of discernment!

Have faith, hope for good things to happen and expect them with wide arms WATCH them come to you!

It’s time to bridge the gap! Action will always be requiere to see the expectant unfold before our eyes, Faith Without Works is Dead my dear.

Become aggressive in your believing! But for now enjoy this gift of another day you get to live with those who love you!

A few tips:

1. Make a list of at least 3 people you know care deeply about you and be grateful for them. Practicing gratitude helps you become hopeful and realize that you’re not alone.

2. Think about 3 things you’d like to do today away from social media (that are priceless-literally, i.e. go for a walk, read a book, watch a movie unrelated to COVID, make a new dish etc.) and make sure you do them. This will help you connect with yourself and YOUR desires and feel accomplished despite of what’s going on around you.

3. Connect with those you love, start with yourself. Stretch, practice meditation (through the word of God, or any other prefer method) by connecting with yourself and becoming aware of who you where created to be you will start being equipped to being there for others. Invite a family member to join you (but don’t feel bad if they say no, enjoy getting to know yourself).

For more information ℹ️ contact your coach!

With my best love!

Your coach,

Denise Kilby

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Brain, Gut & Body

 Hello, hello beloved reader! This is your Wednesday Wedge!

Considering your thoughts, take some time to think of the power of your words as those thoughts before your verbalize then and become active—alive in your life and the life of others.

If there is something that requires change and movement take the steps into making that happen, and remove whatever may be keeping you stagnant…

Don’t be like the man who looks at himself despite noticing what needs change (AFTER CAREFULLY EXAMINING) he “studies his features, goes away, and immediately forgets what he looks like” (James:1-24).

Oh my dear if you fear you’ll forget write it down!

A lot of the things we must change in order to have a fruitful life are internal, they live within us, what goes inwards and what we store in our mind, and our heart becomes the owners of our bodies, and the way we do life!

If you need help discovering whats taking place in your mind, your heart and affecting your body; connect with me. I am here with you.

As always I am here for you and with you with my best love!

Your coach,

Denise Kilby

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They say that you can’t heal in the same place where you’ve been hurt. But little gets spoken of the reasons why you’re hurt in the first place.

Commitment to change the perspectives in regards to the situation you may find yourself in is always necessary for proper healing.

At times it will be required that you remain in your gethsamine to allow full healing and understanding of the process—the possible motives and reasons for the pain and suffering being inflicted and endured might be revealed or might always be kept a mastery of the Holy Spirit, but if you survive you will learn a life lesson.

We have the choice to hurt or not hurt…however. To avoid causing pain one must understand the sensitivity of the other and without communication our relationships will never make it to that level of sensitivity and intimacy.

To all the couples who are committed to overcome pain and heal together stay strong there’s New Hope and You Are More than the “little things you’re facing”.

Yes let me minimize what you’re going through, because what will come out of it will be so big that you’d be thankful you remained as long as you did.

If you can’t commit to or for each other anymore commit for the sake of the marriage, at the end you will reap the benefits of being committed to an institution of love.

• share honest thoughts feelings and desires at all time

• develop and pursue shared goals—don’t give up over night

• resolve conflict, and overcome the fear of not being intimate, learn how to talk

• negotiate for a change in the relationship that will bring life lasting benefits.

Discussions are healthy & vital in all relationship types.

Work hard for what you want and commit to being honest with others and yourself, no one needs to change into being something they’re not but everyone must live to become happy with the choices they make.

With my best love,

Your coach Denise Kilby

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You Have a Unique Identity

You have a unique identity, essence, qualities, gifts, a GREAT calling, talents, and your own beauty.

You have no need to change or attempt to change because there’s people actively attempting to coerce you to change who you were created to be.

You were created to be something wonderful! If you are loving a life where you are constantly, lying, cheating, hurting others, mistreating people, or being cheated on, mistreated, lied to, abused or neglected. Than I must tell you something must change.

Unless that’s the case you must remain unchanged. (If you are the victim of domestic violence or believe are committing violence against someone and want to stop but don’t know how seek help immediately).

Self- care: Now, let’s talk a little ably self-care. As you continue to live this Saturday become aware of your surroundings a little bit more, love yourself enough to enjoy every breathe you take, feel the sensations of your body with every stretch you take, listen to the sound of the birds when you go outside. Take the time to say something kind to someone and be mindful to their reactions and how that makes you feel, listen carefully to people when they speak to you.

Later on watch the sunset go down this evening and the sunrise come up tomorrow and make a gratitude list—enjoy the day with the people you truly love.

Accountability: If that person is simply you, well so be it, just make sure that you’re happy with your decision and actions. That you can stand by them with honor and respect, and have peace of mind at the end of the day. Think about yesterday, you can never go back to it, and tomorrow is not here yet, the only day you’re in charge of is today, with faith (hope) that tomorrow will have a different outcome than yesterday.

Awareness: Don’t change your beliefs for anyone else, always connect with God for guidance. Find the truth within yourself. You have your own essence. Living in regrets is not a happy life, chame and guilt are not the same.

Guilt speaks about your behaviors, and allows you to repent and be free, shame speaks about your character and condemns you holding you captive to bondage thus you withdraw and continue to make the same mistakes.

You are unique!


As always I am here for you, reach out and feel free to connect.

With my best love!

Your coach,

Denise Kilby

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Options or Free Will

Can we jump on this Wednesday Hump straight to a few questions to help us reflect on the way we are using/looking/ or perhaps seeing at opportunities?

Well that along was one questions, wasn’t it?

That was another one.

Using our intuitive part of the brain sometimes can be beneficial when it comes to reflecting becoming more grateful for the opportunities we are given.

Let me tell you something about me, there is absolutely nothing more beautiful and rewarding to me than knowing and feeling that I have the opportunity and choice of free will, and deciding what I want to do with it.

The ability of choosing my actions without worrying of restrains, or judgments is a blessing that not everyone have or is not aware of. Individuals have been deprived of by others (unfortunately—robbed of that freedom) and others have just robbed themselves (at times unknowingly).

The power of acting with my own discretion and knowing that I’ve chosen to do what is right to be kind and compassionate even to those who have hurt me and betrayed me, gives me peace of mind and heals my soul and it pumps Hope back to my heart !

That is the power that as humans was given to us 🤍 —we get to choose between evil or godly characters and behavior. Between righteousness or injustice, between malevolence and kindness.

What are your choices today?

You don’t have to share it with anyone other than yourself and reflect in your actions based upon your choices.

You have time to change your options, you can choose different today, you have free will. You can be compassionate and kind to yourself and free yourself of anything that’s they may have done to you, to your ancestors, to your heart, to your soul, and your mind and begin a journey of soul-searching and liberty.

Oh no I don’t except you to do it over night, don’t expect that to happen over night either.

However, the choice must be made immediately and the steps must be taken one at a time.

As always I am here if you need me and feel stuck trying to understand what you may be going through.

If you need more information to help you navigate through any present crisis, past trauma, or relational issues feel free to reach out. Don’t deal with it alone.

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Let Silence Speak

Silence can be beneficial when used wisely, since too much stimulation can actually end up harming oneself holistically speaking.

Taking time to silence our minds from all the external noises and the world to connect with oneself, and the way God created our bodies will allow us to learn how to appreciate it and see how far we can get as individuals. Look within.

We are full of a future that we lack seeing at times because we are preoccupied trying to let other see our talents and discover theirs that we get caught up on how others are living to their “full potential” but what about you?

Do a self inventory let silence speak… you will hear it speak greatness once you connect to the right source, away from all the noise of this world.

I will give you three free points to help you daily a fourth super pack bonus points with a few suggestions:

    Use what many call a technology blackout daily for an hour or two a day to connect with yourself, and during that time take about 20 min to start—become mindful and create awareness of who you are as a person reflect and think: who am I… how do I feel about myself, what much more can I do/accomplish?
    Use another 20 min to remain silence and let God talk to you about who He says you are!
    Enjoy the benefits of gratitude by investing another 20 writing about what you’re grateful for-plan something you’d like to achieve…

Bonus pointer: Use the other hour to enjoy being YOU (detoxify) technology free, read a book, cook, stretch, enjoy the family (or simply do a no social media hour and watch a movie if social media is the downfall).

Now go ahead and have a great Tuesday knowing that you have an idea of how you can continue to enjoy your day.

Remember that you can always connect for more information on how to navigate through life, of you need guidance, coaching or lay counseling in any area that God may allow me to be of help.

As always with my best love!

Your coach,

Denise Kilby!

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Marriage Sanity and Sanctity

Marriage is not simply a piece of paper as many are making it out to be to simplify the commitment and justify their behaviors. To avoid getting married or to continue living in sin during their marriages and excuse a lack of willpower to change, and pressing on for the long haul.

Marriage is a sacred bond a choice that was moved passed lust, beauty, kisses and butterflies to being present and enduring, between a man, a woman—and God.

Marriage is an institution established by God that only God can decide what will happen to it, in it, during, and with.

We are created for relationships and will always long and be looking for them in one way or another.

God’s intention was for us to have one another in a sacred unity apart from sin.

When God created the light and night called, and called it, GOOD— the vaults of the sky and the evening, the morning, the grounds and vegetation and SAW IT WAS ALL GOOD. The stars and moon and sun the animals and the birds.

And saw that there was nothing wrong with called it all Good!


THE ONLY THING THAT GOD SAID IT WASNT GOOD WAS FOR MAN TO BE ALONE (Gen:2-18). Thus He decided He would make a HELPER suitable for him.

Every creature had a suitable helper—except Adam (Gen:2:20b)

Marriage is the proper context for raising children. Even secular research shows that marriage is head-and-shoulders above other types of human relationships in terms of the benefits it gives to adults and children.

Please remember that although marriage is the proper context for raising children NO ONE should remain silence in an unhealthy relationship to protect the integrity of someone else. Speak up, seek counseling, and help if you think or believe that you’re being a Victim of abuse or find your marriage or relationship with yourself or others to be unhappy or in danger. Reach out and report it immediately.

Ponder upon the following:

  • How is a relationship supposed to work, the sacredness of it if you’re not living with your suitable helper?
  • Did you wait for your suitable helper?
  • Did you wait on God or moved about on your free will?
  • Are you dissolving or distorting the sacredness of marriage because you moved about acting on your free will and now the sanctity of marriage is to be severed?
  • Is your sanity in jeopardy because you’re staying in a relationship that’s unhealthy to protect the sanctity of marriage even though your marriage is no longer sacred?

If you’ve been asking yourself any of these questions I suggest your ask for guidance and if you don’t know who to ask I am a direct message away. You can also click on the link in my bio and connect….

I am here for you!

As always with my best love!

Your coach,

Denise Kilby

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Put The Cart Before The Horse

Oh yes, Fall is here we can feel the change in air the crisp cold grass, the leaves leaving the trees, and the trees remaining still reminding us that change is inevitable, and that is perfectly okay. Some leaves will come back but those leaves will never be the same that fell off this season, the trees are sure that if they remain rooted they will not fall no matter what they must face alone and naked this season.

Unsure of where life is taking you, whether you’re facing it alone or are ready to head straight on.

I ask myself, should I even ask, how are you feeling this Friday, or advice you to start taking on life from the approaches and the opportunities you are left with? At times we have no other choices my dear… Get on that front seat if you want to drive, “put the cart before the horse” if you want to get some where, stay rooted if you don’t want to loose ground. Don’t wait for things to look or come back to be the way they once did.

You might never get those opportunities again.

Easier said than done, but you can always accomplish by looking for a brighter tomorrow and the stepping into faith NOW, because faith shows the reality of what we hope for by using all the resources you have. Things can start to look brighter when you begin to use your tools right. First things first, and in case the image is too hazy for you to make out the words I want to type the message out again for you to have and re-read as many times as needed. Just like poems, that must be re-read to be absorbs and grasp to the fullest to the point the become penetrated in our inner most.

Now you may be asking, why is it so important to have these words engraved in my mind and present?

Why is she talking about grief, heartbreak, pain, rebuilding, or stress, even PUTTING THE CART BEFORE THE HORSE, and driving… Because:

“In life you will have your heart broken more than one TOO many times, you will have to face life uncertain of your next destination, and you will have to be willing to walk without having all the strengths that you may wished for to face a new day after a sleepless night. Life will not always give you the right brush to paint the BEAUTIFUL picture you dreamed of during your childhood—the canvas may not be pressed right or stretched enough and you will have to improvised with your fingers on a new floor. People may not let you go, and it won’t be necessarily due to love, but because they’re afraid to see you overcome. However, learning to do new things that you have to as if they were the things that you wanted to do will teach you how to become a master of new ideas.”

After an individual faces any of the things I’ve mentioned above in order to overcome any and become a master of new ideas they must know how to handle their stressors, what to do with their pain, and how to recognize what triggers their emotional responses.

When a person is under under stress and danger the natural reactions of the body is to experiences a hormonal psychological change, reacting on a fight, flash, and freeze. If a person is more conscious to their stressors an individual will build knowledge of what’s going on and where to go to build their own recovery path in the event they were facing a crisis to overcome grief and find the help they need to achieve their goals.

Understanding that you were born to be victorious and not a victim and that what you’re facing is not what will shape you will provide you with the tools to build your future.

(About the image, as a subscriber of adobe spark I create my images there and I get to remix some too this being one of them. I saw this image with a different message written and frankly I didn’t even read what it originally said before I felt the urge to remixing it and create this message for you).

As always, if you or anyone you know needs help help navigating through difficulties, reach out.

Hit the connect button. I am here for you!

Have a happy weekend!

With my best love,

Denise Kilby

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May We See Like God Sees

Father God I glorify your Holy name and exalt your Kingdom and tenderness towards me and my family. Understanding Father that if I live I live in Christ, and if I die I die in you. May all knee bow at your feet and all tongues confess that you are God.

Father I ask you to allow me see to your face in those that are around me, to understand your love for my family and bring them closer to you.

Touch their hearts and make them receptive to your word and responsive to your calling, grow my faith as well as theirs.

Bring peace and healing over this earth, continue to purify your land and guide your church.

May we forget our transgressor as you forgive us daily, make your Holy Spirit palpable and tangible within us, that is perceived by those who see us and come in close contact with us!

Blessed is your Holy name.

I ask you these things father in name of Jesus, Amen!

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