Fibromyalgia in Your Brain

The wealth of experimental evidence showing that FM patients are hypersensitive to painful stimuli, as well as unpleasant stimuli from other sensory modalities, in conjunction with functional brain imaging data showing increased stimulus-evoked activation throughout nociceptive pathways, shows that the defining symptom of FM—increased pain—is in fact real and not just a response bias of the patients. The finding that perception is increased in multiple modalities speaks against the hypothesis that FM pain is due to an upregulation of peripheral nociceptive processes. Further, psychophysical evidence that descending modulatory systems are altered in FM patients supports the opposing idea that FM symptoms are at least in part caused by alterations in CNS processing of the pain signal, including a dysregulation of pain modulatory systems. Nevertheless, the apparent dysregulation within these systems could be caused and/or perpetuated by a tonic activation related to the presence of ongoing widespread pain, so that the systems are saturated and cannot regulate further in response to external stimuli.

To read more about this follow the link, or if you have any questions or are wondering how this may affect your emotional state of mind contact me.

Fibromyalgia in Your Brain

As a person who has lived with this diagnosis for many years I’ve experienced what it feels like all the symptoms of fibromyalgia and just when I believe it is cured (although my normal days are never pain free days and I know there is no cure for it) I come to the realization that it was simply under control. That fibromyalgia indeed is part of my life and although it does not identify me it is a diagnosis that I have. As an individual who is constantly looking for the best possible ways to stay healthy, mentally, & spiritually in order to live my best I cannot sleep on this chronic pain condition. If like me you siffer of fibromyalgia or any other chronic pain condition please know that you will have up and down, and when I say you can sleep on it I mean you must use your energy suply wisely, be patience with yourself when you don’t feel so great but most importantly don’t abuse of your good days.

I must not rely on the days I feel by best to or use them as some sort of fat deposit storage as when a person goes into starvation.

If I want to help others live their best life, I must start with myself. What may appear as a “simple flare” will creep up and attack LITERALLY from the inside out in a matter of seconds.

Your emotional, spiritual and mental well being is of utmost importance when it comes with dealing with (ANY) Fibromyalgia #fibromyalgiaisreal

Much Love!

You Coach,

Denise Kilby

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You’re more than the giant you’re facing!

Life can be challenging making obstacles seem higher than they truly are, and the waters perceive to be rising higher than the natural. As a result you may feel as though there’s no way out…. Do you feel like your current situation is more than you can handle?

If so, allow me to refresh your hippocampus-that part of your brain that is associated with memory function. In reality that is basically what I will do it in this my blogs a lot. I’m pretty sure what I am going to tell you now will and has crossed your mind in the past, there’s always something or someone to remind us that, “we are more” well YOU ARE MORE. Use your memory to retrieve relive that moment when you felt as though you were more than the current situation your facing right now.

“Some answers to your many questions are residing within yourself, you just have to reach to God—He’s already there”.

In order for some things to fall into place, other things must move out of place…stay connected, find the rhythm within your heartbeat -Dk

There’s an old saying that goes “Easier said than done”, that is still true to this day, but I’m a firm believer that it gets easier once we start doing it… Therefore, “Easier when you start getting things done” -Dk

Life gets lighter when you have some help. Stay connected to what is to come, don’t lose hope, reach out, and let me show you that you’re more than the giant you’re facing!

Stay Blessed I hope you enjoy the blogs that to come,

  Denise Kilby


©️2017 Denise Kilby New Hope Christian Life Coaching. All rights reserved.

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