Stillness Revolution

I think we all need a moment of stillness & silence, to think & rethink about how loudly we’ve been thinking about our own situation.

Everyone is too worried about their own agendas—having to be placed on hold—that they don’t have time (or care) to think about anyone else, or people they don’t know.

How about we ask, how can I help you?, or say reach out to me, I am here to talk or just listen to you talk to me.

Let’s think outside our heads and connect in spirit with those who grieve for those who passed without getting to say goodbye.

Let’s take a moment to feel, to allow a revolution inside our heart and see a change happen within.

Have a happy and blessed Wednesday!

  1. Believe in greater and bigger things, count your blessing and know that you are more and can do more in the midst of this confusing situation, you are blessed to be a blessing.
  2. Share with others what you receive.
  3. That inner peace is not meant to stay with you.
  4. You’re meant to evolve and allow the world to see what you’ve become.
  5. You are growing my dear!

I am here for you! Let’s connect!

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Choose Peace

The world (news, media, president, governors, telecasters, broadcasters, etc.) expects this to be the be YET the most tragic, hardest, toughest week of this whole pandemic (situation).

I highly believe that YOU (and I) can be at peace and make of this week the BEST week yet!

Choose peace within yourself!

Inner peace starts with you, stay home of course, I choose to stay home as well. Don’t allow anything or anyone to make you leave your home.

Your home is what lives within. What is alive within you?

Your home is your sanctuary!

Your home is your heart 💜

Make sure to be at peace, to have love in your heart, do a self check constantly, remembering that you are more that any circumstance you may be facing right now.

Enjoy all the perks of this Holy Week and remember the Passover rejoicing, celebrating and indulging in the sacrifice that took place for your.

Have a great Monday and the best week yet!

“The best is yet to come and I often wonder if you’re ready to make it”

©️2020 Denise Kilby New Hope Christian Life Coach. All rights reserved.

The way you position yourself matters

The way you position yourself these days matters.

This is specially to those who are looking up to you to find hope, help, healing, encouragement and motivation to keep going.

Individuals tend to become anxious when they’re in close places for a long time, and their minds can play tricks on them (take your thoughts captive) even if they go out everyday or have the luxury of opening their doors and sitting outside they can easily say “I can’t stand being locked in this house.”

Lets think outside our heads, yes, take your focus place else. Leave yourself aside for a minute and think of others:


1. Take moment and think what life must be like for those who are truly locked, or enclosed in small places for years or months at a time.


2. Imagine your life in a hospital bed (perhaps waiting to die or see if you make it) and being truly alone.


3. What would you do if because of your lack of responsibility and selfishness the person you loved the most ends up dying alone in a hospital bed?

Wake up! During this time when even the absurdity is permissible in search for a change of hearts, is when those who TRULY believe and trust God must model that behavior to the #souls that God is #seeking!

With praise and worship your situation can change: “About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them.”

‭‭Acts‬ ‭16:25‬ ‭

We are in this together: “The jailer woke up, and when he saw the prison doors open, he drew his sword and was about to kill himself because he thought the prisoners had escaped. But Paul shouted, “Don’t harm yourself! We are all here!””

‭‭Acts‬ ‭16:27-28‬ ‭-

Don’t be afraid:

Fear not, for I am with you;

Be not dismayed, for I am your God.

I will strengthen you,

Yes, I will help you,

I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’

Isaiah 41:10

I want to encourage you to enjoy yours and join others in prayer, and support each other.

#youaremore #stayawake #sundayvibes

©️2020 Denise Kilby New Hope Christian Life Coach. All rights reserved.

Healing is Coming!

Please follow the link and declare healing over hours. We all need a move and our God will never fail, we will see a victory, the battle belongs to the Lord.

Receive the relevant word.

He will win this war, His people will come to Him as a result of all this!

Can we still celebrate life?

Can we wish him a happy birthday?

Because even in times like this one we still need to celebrate life🎂🎈🎉🎁 🥳 –

21 years ago a day like today at around this same time (I believe it to have been a Wednesday) I was arriving at the hospital to what was supposed to be a scheduled “induced labor” to bring this #BLESSING I get to call my child into the world.

After 16 long hours of what I would call SUCCESSFUL fail I ended up with a C-Section that marked my life for eternity. I will never be the same.

I thank God for you your life son!

I couldn’t imagine being born in times like the ones we’re living now, or in the ones you were born. I would’ve had so much confusion, so many questions to ask, research to do people to find, and my mind would’ve still been trying to figure so many things out.

I understand not wanting to do any of it all.

I thank God for your quiet personality as baby, as it allowed me to understand your silence in order to provide you with what you needed, your laid back character as a toddler-that always waited for me to give you an okay to make any move and always handed anything you had with so much respect. As a child you were always funny, had a great bubbly personality trying to make those around laugh, and see the colorful side of life. The teachers at school loved your respectful demeanor, and some elementary teachers still remember you for your great math skills…yet there was always a reason for complains from school (for clowning 😉).

I remember one of your quotes

“What’s the point of being mad, it’s a waste of time” — James Garcia

I honestly thought you were not capable of getting angry.

You have grown up knowing that thousands died innocently when some airplanes crashed the twin towers as an act of terrorism, yet not lived fully understanding much about it. Back then we were United as Nation by pain for fellow Americans.

You withstood the absence of your father to go serve what it may have seen in your eyes back then like a purposeless war as result of it (anyone gets lost trying to make sense of killing). Til this day you can see that separation taking place in your life in some form as you two try to get closer but duty always calls.

Now you get to see us all in the midst of a crisis as you’re emerging adulthood, fighting to be a World United as One.

The same world that went to war, and was fighting to be kept separated for so many years in many different ways, fighting to be culturally different and had become culturally insensitive to so many innocent people.

Now here we are fighting to survive a virus that has killed, and continues separating, so many, threatens to kill from the vilest killer to the most innocent child.

While some fight to stay alive, and others are still killing the innocent, yet great people like you are striving to survive. Don’t forget that being alive and living is not the same.

“Things will not change until people are healed, until a cure is found or until the process is over.” —Denise K

Your mind can’t sit still, you are gifted my child with a different mindset (you can do more than most of us can) that many of us couldn’t handle (and thanks to that I have never been able to sit still either).

That has kept me on my toes! I love you to the moon and back ♾ .

(Yes I cropped myself out)

You are one of a kind, you’re smart reserve, intelligent, analytical and I pray that God gives you wisdom to see and understand everything that you are enduring, and guide you to live wisely to serve Him and live to Your Full God Given Potentials❤️.

#happybirthday #sunnyboy #burthdayboy #21yearsyoung

I hope you guys enjoyed this read as I unveiled a little bit more about me.

Always with your best interest at heart ❤️

©️ Denise Kilby New Hope Christian Life Coach. All rights reserved.

You Are Doing Great

Quick short encouraging post!

Whatever you are doing in life right now please know that you are doing great! Whether you are working hard to ace a test, or to meet that timeline at work, or you are training to meet a fitness personal, or professional goal.

I must add Therapy Life Coaching & Counseling

Whatever you may be enduring in your personal life (or even social). Whatever it may be, please know that you are doing a great job simply because you have decided to do SOMETHING about it!

Don’t quit now

Those who take action are the ones who will get somewhere, the results might not be immediate, perhaps may never be the ones that the world desire to see but believe me they will always be rewarding because you worked hard for it.

They Will Be Yours

Keep on taking action. Your journey is molding you for a better you!!

Keep Fighting

Take Action to Ensure You Achieve Your Goals

        Before we are able to assist anyone else we must take care of ourselves first.

My Post-1Just like with the air masks on the airplanes where the protocol is to put on your own mask first (to shield yourself from danger and secure life) before assisting others, in the same matter is important to take care (to assist) our needs first, without becoming selfish, and be presently healthy, so that we can be there for those who may need us.

This is something that not everyone will agree with or understand. But if we are not mentally, physically, or spiritually healthy we serve no purpose in the lives of others and are as good as dead.

Taking time to prepare yourself is a process, and it could cause people to walk away from you and go seek help from others, be patience with yourself and understand that not everyone thinks the same way. Ask yourself the obvious, how could you possibly ?(reach your goal) of helping (assisting) or being present for yourself or others if you continually rush to assist them and fail to assist yourself with the breathing mask?

Do you have your goals on hold?

Don’t forget to breath. It might take seconds, minutes, days weeks, months, or even years before is over and you achieve your goal. Some people might be patient and wait until you’re ready; by understanding the process, by praying for you, supporting you, sheering you up, by patiently waiting right by your side or riding along with you. Other’s might have their mask on already and are waiting to help you put on your shield, but chances are that some might not understand at all and will walk away and get upset, call you selfish and complain, but something that everyone must do is respect the process.

No one on this earth can continuously feed the hunger or give water to those who thirst without a sustainable source. In order to be able to provide an endless supply of nutrients we must a have sustainable resource. I know that with God’s help we can all do this.

But what happens when we attempt to help others before we help ourselves? We a become people pleaser, and don’t meet their own needs sufficiently. According to Psychology Today a “People Pleaser is one of the nicest and most helpful people you know. They never say “no.” You can always count on them for a favor. In fact, they spend a great deal of time doing things for other people. They get their work done, help others with their work, make all the plans, and are always there for family members and friends. So far this sounds like a good thing. Unfortunately, it can be an extremely unhealthy pattern of behavior.” The problem with this type of behavior is that by pleasing everyone else people forget to please themselves and whilst they are happy to a certain extend by making everyone else happy when they come face to face with reality they realize that they have not reach their goals.

Forgetting about oneself  and about our own goals can cause mental, physical and spiritual health issues. I want everyone to understand that there is nothing wrong with saying NO, in fact when one say YES to everyone else all the time one might be saying no to themselves without even noticing.

  • Take action to achieve your goals, don’t leave your dreams on the pillow. Take time to breath and think about your future: plan what you want to do later on today (that’s your immediate future), tomorrow, the next day, and so on.
  • Always get it all down in paper: when we write we get it done, or someone else might find it and will get inspired by and beat us to it but either way it’ll get done.

 “Then the Lord replied: “Write down the revelation
    and make it plain on tablets
    so that a herald may run with it.” (Habakkuk 2:2 NIV)

  • Consider your talents and gifts: we all have talents, we are gifted with something that we are called and chosen for. Don’t minimize yourself to live a people pleasing life. Please God by living to your full God given potential FIND what has been deposited in you!
  • I always say this and will continue to say, make small measurements (small achievable goals) that’s why I said starts with today: it is easier to think about what we are going to do later on today than about what we are going to do next year.
  • Make an action plan: what step (single) are you taking first into achieving your goal? Finding a friend with similar qualities to help your move (action) be smoother or one with opposite point of view to challenge you? Are you going to look for a mentor or a life coach to help you sort this out and stay on track as well, or are you going to find a counselor to help you uproot past trauma that keeps you stuck in the same place?
  • Assess what might have been holding you down: whether it was an illness or family member, financial status whatever it could have been write it down-remember we are working on changing that status. Sometimes when we are in physical pain is because we are also emotionally overwhelmed and the pains come out in physical form looking for a way to escape (find someone to talk to, pray, meditate on the word).
  • Stay the course
  • Don’t let guilt get in your head: don’t let anyone’s negative talk about your goals derail you from your plans. You have too much to do.

Whatever you decide to do, is absolutely fine as long as you decide to take action and dive into your future.

Please believe that you hold your future in your hands. Understand that “if your actions inspire other’s, to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader”- John Quincy Adams

Even while you’re pleasing other’s you have a huge audience watching you do it, STOP for a minute and think, why?; find yourself, your purpose, your calling, your talents and your leadership strength. Don’t be toss around by the wind (people) like the waves in the ocean. Stay the course and ALWAYS have a plan B.

Last but not least, don’t forget that I am for you with your best interest at heart.

Dream Believe Achieve

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Let’s Stay Connected

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And as a tribute to my 100th blogpost + 3rd year anniversary as a blogger (woohoo me!!). I want to encourage you and invite you all to get to know me better!

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My game plan is to be more active, more present and more committed to myself in order to be able to be more committed to everyone of you!

A Little About Your Author!

A little about this picture and myself…

It was about 6:54 am and I was at work just starting my shift about two days ago leaving my hair down from a bun. Before before heading back to the crowd of youth I care for and co-workers looking what I felt like a “mess” since there’s no mirrors in the office I decided to use my cell phone camera as a mirror because I don’t take selfies anymore (hmm, can this mean I lost some self confidence? … I may have to do some #selfcheck on it).

However, With the years I have learned to love my hair literally despite the criticisms of a lot of people (close friends, family members and myself) once I surpassed those critics which is usually the hardest (at least myself I learned not to care.

Okay back to the story… so I had just let my hair down and I thought 💭 “eh I’d let it finish drying ‘it looks good’ and smiled snapped the selfie”… my thought process was the following:

“Don’t ever forget to smile ever when no one is watching, remember to go out there and smile at others chances are that 99% of them will smile back at you”.

Subconsciously as a defense mechanism, perhaps I always try to think that even if we don’t look our best when we smile we end up representing ourselves better and end up feeling better afterwards as well, giving us a chance to obtain our prior set goals.

With the years I’ve notice that as I learned to love my hair, my hair is very soft and it always smells very good, all I need to do to acquired some waves and place it in a bun and it looks like I used a curling tool. I don’t use hair gel (dislike it with my entire soul) don’t use hair spray either.

My hair texture has changed dramatically in the past 7 years or so I would say and from when I was a child (oh Gosh I wish I had a before and after of the Afro). I have noticed that it doesn’t curl how I desire but I’ve learned to love this way. Thus, I do NOT appreciate people telling me “I can tell you never do anything to it” with a sarcastic tone, or “I can tell you’re happy cause you did your hair today” when I straightened it.” Like really… really…ughz.

The way I wear my hair doesn’t define me… it really doesn’t. I am the most introverted and unpredictable individual you may get to know and I am totally fine being this way. I think I still can’t even define myself; I am constantly learning and evolving. I believe this is a norm for everyone who majors in psychology and we are okay with with. I am okay with growing everyday.

As a matter of fact wearing my hair like I have it on this on this image is the way I feel closest to myself, I like to be natural, to the point that I don’t like to filter my images because I wnat everyone to get to see me as I am. But if I want my hair straighter, and my images black and white and highly pigmented I will do so and be happy with it as well.

Let’s learn how to communicate who we are in a healthy way readers, and understand that we are all different and beautiful in our own ways. Make sure to check on those who you say you love and and ask those you don’t know if they’re okay when you don’t see a smile on their face, remember not everyone knows how to smile but smiles are contagious. Check on everyone often.

We are all different, but all deserve to be happy!

So on the image you saw I am posting super, mega close up selfie 🤳🏽 with my hair the way I love it the most, just air dry with gray hair being me 100% trying to remind you to be you 100% and to never forget to smile. Smiles are contagious indeed. Take the challenge snap a image just how you are with your most genuine smile and tag my intagram @you.are.more_ 

Fun fact:

Stop doing whatever you’re doing and smile for 3 seconds and pay attention to how well you’ll feel after, because smiling releases neurotransmitters called endorphins that are released when you smile. These are triggered by the movements of the muscles in your face, which is interpreted by your brain, which in turn releases these chemicals. Endorphins are responsible for making us feel happy, and they also help lower stress levels.

So let’s make those muscles in your face stronger and when someone tells you something that makes no sense to them but total sense to you SMILE …me “you never do your hair and you always look crazy” I smile because smiling makes me happy

Be you, be naturally unique you are more, you are blessed to be a blessing to others here I am no make up, no filter no problem!

©️2020 Denise Kilby New Hope Christian Life Coach. All rights reserved.