Love cares, respects, protects, builds, doesn’t harm, prepares and grows everyday! Don’t let “love” make you lose control of yourself. Don't blame love for unhealthy behavior that lead to violence and lack of tolerance. You simply DO NOT destroy, traumatize, terrorize or abuse in the name of love to enforce (impose) your opinions or power … Continue reading Love

New Podcast

Hello my beloved readers and valuable clients. We are on Apple-Podcasts!! Here I leave you with some new content that you'll be able to listed to while working out, commuting to work, working, or while you're trying to connect with those meaningful individuals in your life. Enjoy it, learn from it, ask me questions if … Continue reading New Podcast

Living Free This Weekend

I’m not sure if you’ll be able to stomach this today but I must pause and come straight forward to you.At times I am stopped at a right or when or at a stop sign and I cannot help it, when certain things come to memory and I am have to write and share them … Continue reading Living Free This Weekend


Help them reconnect to the source Draw a Line Learn how to draw a line—decide to help the people who have become disconnected from the source of kindnes, by being kind to them even when it doesn't make sense. Yes, undeserved kindness will confuse a lot of people and save many souls from getting lost … Continue reading Kindness

Fight Flight or Freeze

That moment in which you have all the opportunity to take action is crucial. When we feel fear, harm, or stress we naturally intend to save ourselves attack and or convince the attacker not to attack us as a response of saving ourselves. Its in those three words above, in which we have all the … Continue reading Fight Flight or Freeze

Role Model Mindset

Ready Set Go! When you have a mindset to do things the way you were created to do and the way you truly want, you don’t let anything stop you — you will inspire people, and they will be encouraged to keep going by seeing you in action. Words will not be necessary at times … Continue reading Role Model Mindset

Share the Vision

May 1st Mental Health Awareness Month. I seriously had to pray before I opened up to talk about this. You may think, its just a logo. I must tell you. This is my logo! This is a revelation, a message, something that’s meant to speak without words. I absolutely forgot that May first was Mental … Continue reading Share the Vision

New Year Same Me New Train of Thought

  Why would I change who I am just because a New Year begins, New Year's Resolutions should be called New Day's Resolutions. "I could change who I am to see the change that I want or I can change how I think to change the way that I see things"    Yes, all about … Continue reading New Year Same Me New Train of Thought

Get Up Stronger

"At times is necessary to touch bottom and be laid flat on the ground to realize how much higher from it we belong" -DK. That statement above can sound harsh right. I am not saying live in the clouds and act as though you're better than everyone around you, but what I am definitely trying … Continue reading Get Up Stronger

Take Risks That Don’t Place Your Future in Jeopardy

Don’t be scared of taking risks and doing what you want. Thinking about it will not get you anywhere. In this life you reap what you have sown. Are you sowing? A have a few more questions:  Are you fighting for what you want or what you (who) want is fighting you? You know what … Continue reading Take Risks That Don’t Place Your Future in Jeopardy