Stillness Revolution

I think we all need a moment of stillness & silence, to think & rethink about how loudly we’ve been thinking about our own situation.

Everyone is too worried about their own agendas—having to be placed on hold—that they don’t have time (or care) to think about anyone else, or people they don’t know.

How about we ask, how can I help you?, or say reach out to me, I am here to talk or just listen to you talk to me.

Let’s think outside our heads and connect in spirit with those who grieve for those who passed without getting to say goodbye.

Let’s take a moment to feel, to allow a revolution inside our heart and see a change happen within.

Have a happy and blessed Wednesday!

  1. Believe in greater and bigger things, count your blessing and know that you are more and can do more in the midst of this confusing situation, you are blessed to be a blessing.
  2. Share with others what you receive.
  3. That inner peace is not meant to stay with you.
  4. You’re meant to evolve and allow the world to see what you’ve become.
  5. You are growing my dear!

I am here for you! Let’s connect!

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Choose Peace

The world (news, media, president, governors, telecasters, broadcasters, etc.) expects this to be the be YET the most tragic, hardest, toughest week of this whole pandemic (situation).

I highly believe that YOU (and I) can be at peace and make of this week the BEST week yet!

Choose peace within yourself!

Inner peace starts with you, stay home of course, I choose to stay home as well. Don’t allow anything or anyone to make you leave your home.

Your home is what lives within. What is alive within you?

Your home is your sanctuary!

Your home is your heart 💜

Make sure to be at peace, to have love in your heart, do a self check constantly, remembering that you are more that any circumstance you may be facing right now.

Enjoy all the perks of this Holy Week and remember the Passover rejoicing, celebrating and indulging in the sacrifice that took place for your.

Have a great Monday and the best week yet!

“The best is yet to come and I often wonder if you’re ready to make it”

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Can we still celebrate life?

Can we wish him a happy birthday?

Because even in times like this one we still need to celebrate life🎂🎈🎉🎁 🥳 –

21 years ago a day like today at around this same time (I believe it to have been a Wednesday) I was arriving at the hospital to what was supposed to be a scheduled “induced labor” to bring this #BLESSING I get to call my child into the world.

After 16 long hours of what I would call SUCCESSFUL fail I ended up with a C-Section that marked my life for eternity. I will never be the same.

I thank God for you your life son!

I couldn’t imagine being born in times like the ones we’re living now, or in the ones you were born. I would’ve had so much confusion, so many questions to ask, research to do people to find, and my mind would’ve still been trying to figure so many things out.

I understand not wanting to do any of it all.

I thank God for your quiet personality as baby, as it allowed me to understand your silence in order to provide you with what you needed, your laid back character as a toddler-that always waited for me to give you an okay to make any move and always handed anything you had with so much respect. As a child you were always funny, had a great bubbly personality trying to make those around laugh, and see the colorful side of life. The teachers at school loved your respectful demeanor, and some elementary teachers still remember you for your great math skills…yet there was always a reason for complains from school (for clowning 😉).

I remember one of your quotes

“What’s the point of being mad, it’s a waste of time” — James Garcia

I honestly thought you were not capable of getting angry.

You have grown up knowing that thousands died innocently when some airplanes crashed the twin towers as an act of terrorism, yet not lived fully understanding much about it. Back then we were United as Nation by pain for fellow Americans.

You withstood the absence of your father to go serve what it may have seen in your eyes back then like a purposeless war as result of it (anyone gets lost trying to make sense of killing). Til this day you can see that separation taking place in your life in some form as you two try to get closer but duty always calls.

Now you get to see us all in the midst of a crisis as you’re emerging adulthood, fighting to be a World United as One.

The same world that went to war, and was fighting to be kept separated for so many years in many different ways, fighting to be culturally different and had become culturally insensitive to so many innocent people.

Now here we are fighting to survive a virus that has killed, and continues separating, so many, threatens to kill from the vilest killer to the most innocent child.

While some fight to stay alive, and others are still killing the innocent, yet great people like you are striving to survive. Don’t forget that being alive and living is not the same.

“Things will not change until people are healed, until a cure is found or until the process is over.” —Denise K

Your mind can’t sit still, you are gifted my child with a different mindset (you can do more than most of us can) that many of us couldn’t handle (and thanks to that I have never been able to sit still either).

That has kept me on my toes! I love you to the moon and back ♾ .

(Yes I cropped myself out)

You are one of a kind, you’re smart reserve, intelligent, analytical and I pray that God gives you wisdom to see and understand everything that you are enduring, and guide you to live wisely to serve Him and live to Your Full God Given Potentials❤️.

#happybirthday #sunnyboy #burthdayboy #21yearsyoung

I hope you guys enjoyed this read as I unveiled a little bit more about me.

Always with your best interest at heart ❤️

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Let’s Stay Connected

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My game plan is to be more active, more present and more committed to myself in order to be able to be more committed to everyone of you!

Freedom is Found in Forgiveness

The freedom that provides victory is rooted in forgiveness Luke 23:34 and nailed through the bones.

  • Is found in forgiving oneself
  • In the forgiveness of others
  • In asking for forgiveness for others even when they don’t ask for it or understand the meaning of it
  • In understanding that forgiveness is not for others but rather for oneself

Keep the following 4 key points in mind:

  1. Forgiveness does not always mean recovery or reconciliation unless it is self-forgiveness.
  2. For a person to be truly victorious and not become a victim the person has to forgive and reconcile with oneself first and move on past the hurt stage.
  1. Freedom comes when one understands that not everyone knows how to forgive or ask for forgiveness but that the right thing to do was to forgive from the heart in order to obtain spiritual freedom.
  1. Give to them what you would want them to give to you (Luke6:31).

Freedom brings peace to your soul, and enabled loyalty, truthfulness and healing. Reflect on how far you’ve become and give thanks for those you’ve been able to forgive even when they haven’t said I’m sorry.

Ps. Start with yourself! You are a unique soul! #youremore

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Cual es El Punto

Algo para reflexionar (originally posted in English 4/19/19 w. diff images)

Una vez después de un fin de semana increíblemente victorioso, y lo que sentí como una “vida” de batallas para obtener la victoria, tengo un momento en que me miré y me di cuenta de que siempre he luchado con todo lo que he tenido y más. Por lo cual, me siento tan agotada (Duh).

Ahora, el agotamiento puede venir de hacer todo lo que puede o puede venir de no hacer nada en absoluto. Dicen que las batallas más grandes se pelean en la mente … y eso hay verdad, pero debo decir que hay una verdad mayor, los verdaderos guerreros luchan a los pies de la guerra.

Mi mayor logro es ver una imagen de mí misma y saber que lo intenté y que luché con todo lo que tenía. Solo así puedo estar satisfecha, y vivir en paz conmigo misma, no necesariamente sabiendo que gané, sabiendo que lo intenté. No vamos a ganar todas las batallas. De hecho vamos a perder muchos.

“Pero si perdemos muchas batallas en el intento, por lo tanto, los estamos ganando todos porque no nos dimos por vencidos y lo intentamos” – Denise

(Lo siento, tuve que citar eso)

¡No olvides que ganas cada vez que lo intentas en la vida!

No siempre fue así, no estoy hablando de nada en lo que no tenga experiencia, sé lo que es estar agotado mentalmente después de pelear una batalla sin mover un pie.

A veces, la vida puede se sentir que se te viene encima una vez y que ya no tienes la oportunidad de respirar y ser tú mismo, y eso puede parecer confuso, lo que puede hacer que pierdas el sentido de ti mismo. Solo recuerda quién eras antes de que esto transcurriera y quién aspirabas a ser, qué sueños tenías y en qué dirección ibas.

¿Cuál podría haber sido la razón por la que se desvió, o cuál podría ser el posible propósito de esta maravillosa demora en su vida en este momento? ¡Encuentra la belleza en el ahora!

A veces es necesario pausar las cosas, es posible que se estés siendo salvado de algo que no conoces o podría haber sido una puerta más abierta para usted.

Me di cuenta que mi rostro significa fuerza interior, mayor propósito, mayor satisfacción y “estoy bien porque mayor es el que camina delante de mí, no tengo miedo de caminar sola porque sé que tengo la compañía de los ángeles que me protegen”. No sé cuántas personas se sienten tan seguras en la vida en este momento, y no estoy tratando de decirte que la vida es todo melocotones y fresas (eso es una mentira loca) Ni siquiera me gustan los melocotones de esa manera.

La vida es dura, las luchas mentales son reales, las batallas emocionales son fuertes, la sensación de vacío puede desgarrar el corazón y el caos de la vida puede hacer que uno se sienta vacío y solitario.

Pero recuerda que mayor es el que está en ti (si lo recibes) estando solo y la soledad no es lo mismo, que puedes controlar tus pensamientos y que eres amado porque “eres más”.

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What’s the Point

Something to reflect

One time after an amazingly victorious weekend, and what it felt like a “lifetime” of fighting battles to obtain the victory, I have a moment when I looked at myself and realized that I’ve always fought with everything I’ve had and more. Thus, I feel so exhausted (Duh).

Now, exhaustion can come from doing everything you can or it can come from not doing anything at all. They say that the greatest battles are fought in the mind…and that is truth indeed, but I must say that there’s is a greater truth. The true warriors fight at the feet of war.

My greatest accomplishment is seeing an image of myself and knowing that I tried, & that I fought with everything that I had. Only then I can be satisfied, and live at peace with myself, not, knowing that I won. Knowing that I tried. We’re not going to win every battle. In fact we’re going to lose many.

“But if we lose many battles trying, therefore we’re winning them all because we didn’t give up and tried” — Denise

(Sorry I had to quote that)

Please don’t forget that you win every time you try in life!

It wasn’t always like this, I’m not speaking of anything I don’t have experience in, I know what is it to be mentally exhausted after fighting a battle without moving a feet.

At times it life may feel like is coming at you all once and that you don’t get an opportunity to breath and be yourself anymore, and that can seem confusing, causing you to lose sense of self perhaps. Just remember who you were before this transcended and who you aspired to be, what dreams you had and what direction you headed.

What could had been the reason why you got detoured, or what could be the possible purpose for this wonderful holdup in your life right now? Find the beauty in the now! Sometimes things need to be paused, you might be being saved from something that you don’t know about or there might be a greater door opening up for you.

My face means inner strength, bigger purpose, greater satisfaction, and “I am okay because Greater is He who walks before me, I am not afraid to walk alone because I know I have the company of the angels protecting me!” I don’t know how many people feel as secure in life right now, and I am not trying to tell you life is all peaches and berries (that is a wacky lie) I don’t even like peaches and berries like that.

Life is hard, the mental struggles are real, the emotional battles are strong, the feeling of emptiness can tear at the heart, and the chaos of life can make one feel empty and lonely.

But remember that greater is he that is in you (if you welcome Him) being alone and loneliness is not the same, that you can control your thoughts, and that you’re loved because “you’re more”!

#satisfaction #joy #purpose #greaterishe #imokay #strength #peace #accomplishment #youaremore

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Labor Pain

The birthplace

So they say “fake till you make it” and I say “Try till you get it”. They say “the sky is the limit” and I say “Life is eternal, there’s no limits as long as you’re alive”.

We are heirs of heaven therefore we will face adversity, and situation while we are here on this earth that will make things seem unbearable.

Trials and tribulations might make you think or feel that the end is near, but God’s voice will remind you that this is just the birthplace. Even if you look ahead and things seem empty and isolated, exercise positive thinking and positive talk.

• You have to fight

• You have to push

• You have to want it

• You have to dream

• You have to pray to get it

• You have to be reborn

• You have to live

Every time there’s a new birth, labor pain will come before. Use the pain a signal that something bigger is coming. In order to birth what you have within you must go through the pain of birthing the promise.

I’ll give you some tips to make it through life day by day.

1. Wake up every morning with new achievable goals: don’t let anything stop you from achieving them.

2. Believe that what you’re going through will not be eternal: although your life is.

3. Appreciate everything that you have: others don’t have a quarter of it.

4. Know that these blessings are from God: no human can give you what He can.

5. Live as if this is your last day: remember that whether in heaven or hell, life is eternal.

Don’t get discouraged by the pain, this is just the birthplace it’s time to reap, push, fight or fake it till you make it.

But I exhort you to fight for what you want until the end.

#thinkpositive #lifeiseternal

With love as always,

Denise K.

©️2019 Denise Kilby New Hope Life Coaching & Lay Christian Counseling. All rights reserved.


¿Ese pensamiento te está estancando? ¡Re-enfócate!

(Originally written and posted in English 3/25/2019)

En la vida, realmente sabemos de qué estamos hechos cuando pasamos por el proceso de purificación… cuando estamos atravesados por el fuego. Es cuando estamos siendo procesados que el mejor de nosotros tiene la oportunidad de salir y brillar, sobresalir y obtener la forma que necesita en ese momento dado en esa situación particular porque en la vida nunca dejaremos de ser formados.

Lo mejor de mí sale cuando estoy pasando por las batallas más difíciles de la vida (o lo que siento que es lo más difícil en ese momento …), ¿no todos tenemos momentos como tales? Pero lo que hacemos en estos tiempos es lo que realmente tiene peso y agrega valor a nuestras vidas, por lo tanto determina el resultado de la situación (sé que siempre lo digo). Por cierto, deberías escuchar la canción “While I’m Waiting” de John Waller.

¿Sabía que todavía puede producir mientras atraviesa un proceso de “sequía”? Hablando hiperbólicamente … Si demasiado dramático, tenía que hacerlo (ya sabe cómo soy). ¿Pero no es así como algunos de nosotros nos sentimos algunas veces?

Quizás cuando estamos trabajando en un proyecto y nadie está de acuerdo porque parecemos ser el único con la visión (suspiros) o cuando tiene planes de comprar un negocio y, en la fecha de cierre, uno de los socios comerciales de la otra parte se niega para firmar, o la compañía de seguros no terminó el papeleo a tiempo. Puede ser grande o pequeño, pero la idea que creamos en nuestra cabeza y lo que hacemos en el proceso de espera es lo que construirá nuestro carácter. Si el acuerdo se concreta, y el proyecto funciona o no. Hay otras rutas para tomar, otras cosas que hacer y otras promesas para usted.

En Génesis 17:21, Dios le dio a Abraham la promesa de que “su esposa le daría un hijo” que parecía naturalmente imposible debido a su vejez “ella se rió”. Fue valiente … se rió de DIOS, (sé que todos lo hemos hecho a veces ‘de nervios’ no podemos creer lo grandes que pueden ser las cosas a veces;), tal vez nos suceda lo mismo cuando estamos atravesando un camino rocoso … Parece que no podemos ver el lado suave y, en el momento y nos agotamos físicamente, no creamos que algo bueno pueda salir de nosotros en ese momento. Y aquí viene el Sr. o la Sra. Positivo Tratando de decirnos “todo va a estar bien, no te rindas, puedes hacerlo, ya casi llegas … sigue nadando” (seguir con la caminata sonaría más relevante).

SIN EMBARGO: el pensamiento de “No puedo hacerlo” es una mentira completa. Sarah (la esposa de Abraham) pudo pasar por el proceso y, a pesar de su vejez, dio a luz a la promesa: Isaac, el niño. Ahora, Sarah no era perfecta. Estaba muy lejos de eso y, en su imperfección, la justicia de Dios respaldado su promesa.

No importa lo que haya hecho usted, cuantas veces haya dudado lo que cuenta es lo que está haciendo ahora y lo que está dispuesto a hacer para avanzar. Puedes dar a luz a muchas naciones. Está en la punta de tus dedos si estás dispuesto a avanzar o no.

A veces obtenemos la tarea más difícil o las promesas más grandes en los momentos más oscuros y parece que no podemos ver la luz para completar esas tareas o encontrar esperanza para alcanzar esas promesas, a veces las dos cosas llegan de una sola vez. Pero lo que hacemos mientras estamos allí es extremadamente importante. Re enfoque. Si has perdido tu visión, te animo a volver a tu promesa y recordar de qué estás hecho, qué te conmueve, qué hace que tu corazón se caliente, qué te pasiones y qué te llama. No dejes que tu corazón se moleste por lo que estás viendo ahora. Piense fuera de su cabeza y vuelve a concentrarte en otra persona.

Es posible que no siempre entendamos el “por qué” de al menos el 70% de las cosas por las que pasamos en la vida, pero podemos conocer el “para qué” al final del proceso, si estamos atravesando las dificultades que enfrentamos. Tomemos una decisión consciente de aprender algo de ello. E incluso si no es una dificultad, si decidimos dar nuestro máximo provecho a la situación para obtener la mejor experiencia de aprendizaje, evitar cometer los mismos errores o expandirnos y crecer (incluso si enfrentamos una situación similar nuevamente) No reaccionaremos de la misma manera.

La clave está en estar determinado a tomar medidas para evitar reacciones abruptas que podrían cambiar el molde en el que estamos pasando por un proceso ardiente. Tu molde es único.

¿Has oído hablar de ese dicho, “cosecharás lo que has sembrado”? A veces parece tan injusto, especialmente cuando has sembrado la bondad en las personas y recibes amarguras a cambio, tratadas injustamente y con falta de respeto … ¿verdad? ¡Lo sé! No estas solo. Yo también he estado allí queridos. Esto sucede en casa, en el trabajo, en el parque, en la supermercado e incluso en el elegante restaurante que deseamos tener una agradable cena con nuestros seres queridos.

Ahora, ¿has oído hablar de la verdad de que “personas lastimadas lastima a otras personas”, la amargura que estás saboreando puede que no sea de la semilla que sembraste, y aprender a identificar eso es muy importante para terminar con la auto-culpa? Es posible que no pueda cambiar un corazón amargado y dañado con el que no tiene una relación (es decir, en el restaurante, supermercado, etc.) pero puede intentar buscar ayuda en familia para sus seres queridos y con sus familiares. amados. En el caso de sus compañeros de trabajo, empleados o empleadores, puede sugerir/realizar seminarios web, conferencias sobre cómo mantener la comunicación, dejar de lado el pasado y avanzar en el trabajo. No puede cambiar a nadie, pero puede cambiar y re enfocar sus pensamientos todas las mañanas y todas las noches.

Te digo otra cosa es posible rechazar esa energía negativa que ha intentado sentarse en tu corazón, e invertir ese tiempo, ese pensamiento, ese corazón en otra persona, en otra actividad, en una nueva idea, una nueva creación, una nueva versión y una mejora de ti mismo, tal vez.

Piense en cómo puede comenzar a sembrar en la vida de otra persona, retírese de esa situación y muévase a lo que puede hacer a continuación.

¿Dónde puede ser productivo, cómo puede seguir avanzando hacia su promesa?

¡Recuerda que todavía puedes producir mientras tengas vida! Conviértete en el padre y la madre de naciones expándete y crece.

¡Solo tienes que creer!

Con amor como siempre,

Denise Kilby

©️2019 Denise Kilby New Hope Life Coaching & Christian Lay Counseling. All rights reserved.


Is that thought making you stagnant? Refocus!

In life we truly know what we are made of when we are going through the purification process…when we are put through the fire. It is when we are being processed that the best of us gets a chance to come out and shine, to stand out and get the shape that it needs at that given time in that particular situation because in life we will never stop being shaped.

The best of me comes out when I’m going though the toughest battles in life (or what I feel is the hardest at the time…), don’t we all have times as such? But what we do in these times is what really holds the weight and adds value to our lives, thus determines the outcome of the situation (I know I’m always saying this). BTW, you should listen to that song “While I’m Waiting” by John Waller.

Did you know that you can still produce while you’re going through a process of “drought”? Hyperbolically speaking…I know overly dramatic, I had to. But isn’t that the way some of us feel sometime. Perhaps when we are working on a project and no one agrees because you seem to be the only one with the vision (sighs) or when you have plans to buy a business and at the closing date one of the business partners from the other party refuses to sign, or the insurance company didn’t finish the paper work on time. It can be big or small but the idea that we create in our head and what we do in the waiting process is what will build our character. Whether the deal comes through, and the project works out or not. There are other routes, to take, other things to do, and other promises for you.

In Genesis 17:21 God gave Abraham a promise that “his wife would give him a son” that seem naturally impossible due to their old age “she laughed”. She was braved… she laughed at GOD, (I know we all have sometimes, we can’t believe how big things can be sometimes;), The same seems to happen to us when when are going through a rocky path…we can’t seem to see the smooth side and at time get physically exhausted, don’t believe that anything good can come out of us at that time. And here comes Mr. or Mrs.’s positive trying to tell us “everything is going to be alright, don’t give up, you can do it, you’re almost there…keep swimming” (keep hiking would sound more relevant right-wink face).

HOWEVER—The “I can’t do it” thought is a full lie. Sarah (Abraham’s wife) was able to go through the process and despite her old age give birth to the promise—child Isaac. Now, Sarah wasn’t perfect. She was far from it indeed and in her imperfection God’s righteousness didn’t back up on His promise. No matter what you have done, how many times you’ve doubter what counts is what you’re doing now, and what you’re willing to do to move forward. You can give birth to many nations. It is in your finger tips whether you’re willing to move forward or not.

Sometimes we get the hardest assignment or the biggest promises in the darkest moments and can’t seem to see the light to complete those assignments or to find hope to believe those promises, at times we get both in one shot. But what we do while we are there is extremely important. Refocus. If you have lost your vision I encourage you to go back to your promise and remember what you’re made of, what moves you, what makes your heart warm, what passions you and is calling you. Don’t let your heart be trouble by what you’re seeing right now. Think outside your head, and refocus on someone else.

We might not always understand the “why” of at least 70% of the things we go through in life but can get to know the “what for” at the end of the process, if while we’re going through the hardship we make a conscious decision to learn something from it. And even if its not a hardship if we decide to give our all to the situation in order to get the best learning experience from it to avoid making the same mistakes or to expand and grow (even if we face a similar situation again) we will not react the same way.

The key is on being determined to take action to avoid abrupt reactions that could shift the mold in which we are through fiery process. You’re mold is unique.

Have you heard of that saying, “you will reap what you have sown”? Sometimes it seems so unfair, especially when you have sown goodness in people and get bitterness in return, treated unfairly, and with disrespect… correct!? I know! You’re not alone. I too been there my dear. This happens at home, at work, at the park, grocery store and even at the fine restaurant we want to go have a nice sit down dinner with our love ones.

Now, have you heard of the truth that “hurt people hurt people”, that bitterness you’re tasting may not be from the seed you planted, and learning to identify that is very important in order to end self-blame. You may not not be able to change a bitter damaged heart with who you don’t have a relationship with (i.e. at the restaurant, grocery store etc.) but you can try to seek help as a family for your loved ones and with your love ones. In the case of your co-workers, employees, or employers you can suggest/do webinars , conferences on how to have the communication, let go of the past and move forward at work. You can’t change anyone, but can change and refocus your thoughts every morning and every night.

I tell you what else is possible to refuse that energy, that time, that thought, and that heart in someone else, into something else, a new activity a new idea, a new creation, a new version, and improvement of yourself perhaps.

Think about how you can start sowing in someone else’s life, take your focus from that situation and move it to what you can do next.

Where can you be productive, how can you keep moving towards your promise? Remember you can still produce as long as you have life! Become the father and mother of nations expand and grow.

You need to believe!!

With love as always,

Denise Kilby

©️2019 Denise Kilby Life Coach & Christian Lay Counseling. All rights reserved.