My story and mission

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This is who I am…

a mother of three blessings I get to call my children; two boys and a girl, wife of a man from whom I’ve learn to build character everyday of our journey together. Blessed to know that I am a daughter of God.

International and National Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach and Mental Health Coach. Certified Brain Health Coach.

Along the path of my life I have focused on growing as an individual, studying human behavior through Psychology and the word of God, to better serve others.

Life as I grew up…

Wasn’t always easy. I endured many trials, fell into temptations and flirted with the enemy while my mind was in the shackles of anxiety, suicidal ideation, sexual molestation, and deep depression.

In my early adult years I became self-aware, and encouraged to make a change

I understood that coming to Christ was a great step, if not the best one. I learned that Psychotherapy was a good start and valued talk therapy. So I begin to do research and training the mind along with studying the word of God, convince that these tools were necessary in my tool box. However, that wasn’t enough. I felt that many people had a need in resolving their issues, and those needs were urgent.

I became aware that people are ready to make a spin and have someone alongside them who understands them, values them, and holds them accountable in love, when needed, who can offer Christian care and reflect Jesus every step of the way. People don’t only need to be pointed the path the must walk through, they need someone who is willing to walk with them.

Most of the times they are ready to do it, now. Even when they don’t know how to take the first step. Individuals want to move past their traumas without much delaying and reminiscing in the past.

I was one of them.

This is when I found Liberty University. 

My mission

 Is inspire with my testimony, empower with the word of God, encourage with reinforcement, and equip with tools that you can apply for the rest of your life. I want to help you help yourself and others, by instilling a positive change.
My vision is to help others live to their Full God Given Potential. My objective it to share my life vision with those who are blind-by pain or their current circumstance and have lost hope, becoming stuck in a rut but long for a life lasting change.

My focus

  Interpersonal Conflicts and Self Development, Family Issues, Blended Families, Relationship Coaching, Marriage Coaching, Lay Counseling, Parent Coaching,  Mindfulness and Self-awareness.

Personal Victories

Panic attacks, depression, anxiety, childhood trauma, including sexual molestation, poverty, suicidal thoughts, & distorted thinking. I consider myself a victorious woman, who has been born for a time as this.

The process has equipped me to help others now.

Professional Victories

Schools: Liberty University, Light University, Amen University

Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach & Mental Health Coach, Certified Brain Health Coach: Maintaining the highest coaching, ethical and biblical standards of practice by the board of Christian Life Coaching. ACLC#291 International Board of Christian Care (IBCC) Chairman Tim Clinton, IBCC Director Robert B. Shaw

Diploma in Christian Life Coaching: Light University- Executive Board of the American Association of Christian Counselors.

Board Certified Mental Health Coach: Member of the Board of Christian Life Coaches and International Board of Christian Care (BCLC) (IBCC).

Membership-Presidential Member of the AACC:
In good standing of the American Association of Christian Counselors with all honors and privileges.

CMHC101-Foundations of Mental Health Coaching: American Association Christian Counselors

C-MHC-201 Mental Health Coaching Skills: American Association Christian Counselors

C-MHC 301-Mental and Behavioral Health Disorders: American Association Christian Counselors

Advanced Christian Life Coach,
Life Coaching 201, Life Coaching 101
: Light University -AACC:

CRIS: Domestic & Community Crisis Response: Liberty University- AACC

Blended Families: Light University-AACC

Parent Coaching: Light University- AACC

Coaching for Marital Satisfaction: Light University- AACC

CCOU-Breaking Free: Liberty University Online -AACC
CCOU-Caring for People God’s Way: Liberty University Online -AACC

CCOU-Marriage Works: Liberty University Online- AACC

120 Hours TESOL #100-88552: International Open Academy

Criminology and Profiling #100-90706: International Academy

My advise with the best love I have
Don’t stop learning, becoming, and believing in yourself-there’s a world that needs your help”.

“Are you prepared to believe that God can do amazing things through you?”

—Robert McFarland

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