Come as You Are-You Are More

You Are Welcome, You Will be Listened to, Guided, Empowered, Encouraged, & Equipped in Love!

What a peaceful moment one can feel when one stops just for a few seconds to disconnect from all the noises that this world is bringing to connect with what one truly wants to hears. PEACE! To connect with all the gifts that one has been given and perhaps received just by Grace and Mercy without even noticing, one needs peace, tranquility, clear thinking that enables our brain to fulfill the function for which it was created.

We didn’t have to do anything to receive this bodies, simply be alive in our mothers womb, be born and breathe. In gratitude of that one must come in contact with creation, standing here I think “what a wonderful joy is the feeling of the tender green grass beneath my feet, the beautiful trees, and pure air I get to breathe this is amazing gift that not many have today, that not many had yesterday thus can’t appreciate today”. I become grateful, thankful and take in that gratitude to share with others.

The mountains behind me remind me that there’s more to look forward to, & the valleys always serve as a strong lesson to learn from, one must build character. We must travel through uncertainties and the lowest valleys to to peek back up and reach our mountains. Standing here I noticed that the skies are always open and welcoming, the air is not dense and all it takes me is less than 3 seconds to appreciate these beauty and get back to my daily routine. I become empowered!

However, that is not the case in everyone’s head. Have you ever stopped on the middle of a busy road and realized how loud in can me? At times the inside of many individual’s heads/minds can seem to be making as much noise to the point that when they do stop in the middle of a busy road, or highway they don’t even notice the loudness of the trucks zooming by or the cars splashing water at their feet on a rainy night. That is the sound of despair, “despair is a deep discouragement and loss of faith about one’s ability to find meaning” making an individual unhappy and unsatisfied with the self. Psycho-spiritual despair makes a person lose hope in all spiritual belief systems, thinking that nothing good can happen to them, thus faith is often lost. The noises inside their heads are actually louder than the busies roads or highways that you could ever imagine or have stand still in front or middle of.

I’m not sure if this is you, or if I’m talking about someone you may know. Perhaps you’ve been standing in the middle of this road for quite a while now, and are ready to get out of the rut and noisy place that resides inside your own head, yet don’t find the way to it. Perhaps you have came up with many plans, and they all have failed, or those you trusted left you in the train tracks alone, and confused, now you end up with the same dragging feeling as though you’re standing still in the middle of a busy highway with trucks zooming by you, and you can’t hear them because you’re too busy thinking about your own mess.

We are living in a world were individuals are in high need of Hope!

That is what exactly I intend to bring you! New Hope! With so many UNKNOWN noises and lack of silence even in our own heads at times one of the most important things we can do for ourselves is find a safe place to unclutter to the let go of some of them and get filled with the beautiful things that are in the silence of our mind. Deep inside within.

If you are in need of a connection to to get out of the rut, lets connect!

And if you believe you are in a better place than yesterday, I want to suggest you something, be mindful with the words you choose, and your actions, be kind, and empathetic with others.

Attempt to imagine yourself in the situation of those around you, lend a listening ear we you can, live by the golden rule, watch for signs of distancing and detachment, offer help, teach with principals and morals that apply to all, don’t be self-centered, pay close attention to those around you everywhere you go.

Because one size does not fit all, I bring you personalize plans and treatment that will aid with the recovery of the heart. I often ask, “What could have happened to them in their past (as a child) that is causing them to react/behave this way today?”

I am here trying to help you navigate through whatever you’re willing to overcome, move past from, yesterday’s pain, and mistakes. Tomorrow does not have to be the same.

You can change a little today, and be a contributor to this world by tomorrow.

I am here for you!

“Even the earth is burning in confusion and the heavens crying in sadness,
there’s a big cry for help in this world. It’s time for a change. There’s a reason why the inferno is beneath us and not above us. We are higher thus belong to a higher Kingdom. Step on this ground like the child of a King no matter the outcome at least you know you’ve tried another day”

Denise Kilby BCACLC

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