Let’s Talk About Crisis

A crisis could maximize a persons potential

A crisis could help a person reach their qualitative level of life, their dreams, and achieve many goals. A person during a crisis and feeling anxiety develops an immediate capability to help save a life or or their own.

Also, a person in crisis can create a small situation bigger.

Unfortunately a lot of people that don’t know who to reach out to in times of anxiety during a crisis could end up with a series of crises in their lives.

Those who continue to explore all available resources and viable ways to accomplish their proposed goals are more likely to overcome and a manage their anxiety. They learn skills and know what to do in the event they face another crisis in the future.

There’s HOPE: A crisis don’t last forever!

Those who don’t seek help, within a few weeks (possibly 6 weeks or so) will notice that the anxiety will begin to cease as a natural response of the human brain… we can say we are psychologically adapting to the situation (wonderfully and fearfully made thank you GOD).

The difference lies in when one faces a crisis by itself. When a person “overcomes it” without seeking help, or talking to someone to help (which could be due to our natural coping ways, ego).

  • However, by doing so one is more prone to suffer of chronic anxiety, & depression when one faces a crisis or breakdown by attempting against someone else’s life or committing suicide. #behonest

Three things you may want to ponder upon

  1. What did you have plan before #covid19 impacted the world (your world 🌎) ?
  2. How are you handling the crisis?
  3. DON’T make it a life in crises (a series of bad events after bad events)!

See yourself from a place of victory and overcoming status.

You will come to the other side and if you’re unsure how to do it!

Reach out to someone else for help.

I want to share this Bible Scripture that I shared with someone this morning with you today.

Verse Ecclesiastes 4:12
Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken (NIV).

Don’t let anything nor anyone come between 1) your house (your heart), 2) your family, and 3) your marriage. If you’re not married the relationship you have with yourself and your family members.

©️Denise Kilby New Hope Christian Life Coach. All rights reserved.

Published by Denise Kilby

Along the path of my life I have focused on growing as an individual, studying the word of God, and learning how to help others by expanding my view of life. I studied Criminal Psychology and Christian Crisis Counseling at Liberty University. I am an Advanced Certified Christian Life Coach who does not stay within the four walls when it comes to helping others. As a fibromyalgia fighter, panic attacks, depression, anxiety, childhood trauma, and sexual molestation over-comer. I consider myself a winner, who has focused on living the best that I can every day of my life. My mission is to inspire and instill positive change, encourage and motivate others to become empower. My vision is to help others live their lives to their fullest God given potential. My objective it to share my vision in life with those who are blinded by pain and stuck in a rut but desperate for a change to overcome the monotonous series of lies they've been believing every day . I am a mother of three blessings I get to call children; two boys and a girl, wife of a man from whom I learn to build character everyday of our journey together. I live in the blessing of knowing that I am a daughter of God Almighty. I am passionate about people, and the way the brain works, always looking for ways to help individuals like you see the truth that lives within them. I know there’s more for everyone, and that we are far more than whatever our current situations may be. If you're ready to discover how much more you are, I challenge you to stay in touch. “Don't stop learning-there’s a world that needs your help” - Denise Kilby

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