Do More of What Matters

It’s okay yo admit that “work is in progress”!

Do more of what matters:

Doing more of what matters will reflect your character and your values.

Here a quick a five pointers

  1. Live life doing what you believe and finding the meaning of it on a daily basis (every day is a clean slate).
  2. Failure is a daily experience (no one is perfect-life is a living journey).
  3. You were given a name make sure everyone you meet gets to know it and be proud of it (own it).
  4. Don’t abuse of your power in life, if you feel like you don’t have power over anything be content with knowing that (there’s a God who’s all powerful and our lives belong to Him).
  5. Declutter and give yourself what you deserve (spend time meditating, reading, writing, walking , or running ).

Show others what you’re made of and fill your life with what really matters, and you’ll be rewarded with what you deserve. Find a little stillness in today and don’t say yes to everything out of fear of FOMO (the fear of missing out). Practice mindfulness and be present in everything you do! .

Have a great day knowing that you’re becoming everything that you were called to be.

Life is about doing what matters the most!

On that note I must share the following:

I am recently in the process of making some major changes to my website/blog and taking ownership of what belongs to me. I have a name and I should be known by it and as the creator of every image I share here with all you (with the purpose to encourage and connect).

Yes making changes can be a daunting and appear as hard work for many people, but yet necessary in order to become EVERYTHING that we were created to be and live to our full God given potential.

While I will not stop letting you all know that “You Are More” in Him than your current circumstances. I will also remind myself that I am more in Christ as well, who gives strengths everyday to get up, pray, and come up with new ideas and messages to help keep you all encourage, and give you new hope.

There’s more within you, yes that’s the Holy Spirit of God, you are more in Him yes you are, my dear readers, and there is New Hope when you get to see and discover how to live to your full potential.

If you need help discovering how to make changes, or rediscovering, please feel free to reach out to me. Your girl right here is willing to talk to for the first 40 min free of commitments and free of charge!

I am here for you!!

©️2020 Denise Kilby New Hope Christian Life Coach. All rights reserved.

Published by Denise Kilby

Along the path of my life I have focused on growing as an individual, studying the word of God, and learning how to help others by expanding my view of life. I studied Criminal Psychology and Christian Crisis Counseling at Liberty University. I am an Advanced Certified Christian Life Coach who does not stay within the four walls when it comes to helping others. As a fibromyalgia fighter, panic attacks, depression, anxiety, childhood trauma, and sexual molestation over-comer. I consider myself a winner, who has focused on living the best that I can every day of my life. My mission is to inspire and instill positive change, encourage and motivate others to become empower. My vision is to help others live their lives to their fullest God given potential. My objective it to share my vision in life with those who are blinded by pain and stuck in a rut but desperate for a change to overcome the monotonous series of lies they've been believing every day . I am a mother of three blessings I get to call children; two boys and a girl, wife of a man from whom I learn to build character everyday of our journey together. I live in the blessing of knowing that I am a daughter of God Almighty. I am passionate about people, and the way the brain works, always looking for ways to help individuals like you see the truth that lives within them. I know there’s more for everyone, and that we are far more than whatever our current situations may be. If you're ready to discover how much more you are, I challenge you to stay in touch. “Don't stop learning-there’s a world that needs your help” - Denise Kilby

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