Shaping and Opportunities

The message I am trying to get across is that today you are the result of the decisions you made yesterday. Today you have the opportunity of making new decisions by shaping your own behavior and changing your mindset and train of thought that will enable you to see a different tomorrow tomorrow. If youContinue reading “Shaping and Opportunities”

Do More of What Matters

It’s okay yo admit that “work is in progress”! Do more of what matters: Doing more of what matters will reflect your character and your values. Here a quick a five pointers Live life doing what you believe and finding the meaning of it on a daily basis (every day is a clean slate). FailureContinue reading “Do More of What Matters”

Who are you looking for?

The Tomb is Empty! Where is He? … in the middle of this pandemic in Easter Sunday when you can’t gather with your friends and family to party and celebrate Easter, as you normally would where is He and who is it that you’re looking for? Jesus is telling you that He is still nearContinue reading “Who are you looking for?”

Have Freedom

Child of God He died so you can be free, be free indeed You are NOT the gloomy day The storm that’s here today The illness that promises to kill The uncertainty that attempts to steal your sleep The chaos that screams in the silence The mind that gets lost in confusion The depression thatContinue reading “Have Freedom”

How to Celebrate Life at Home

We’re in this together let’s make the best of it, use any virtual platform available to connect with those you love and celebrate the Holiday. Don’t let anything separate you from the people dear to your heart ❤️ Choose strength—life—love—family—give! Fight for what you believe while taking all the precautionary measurement to keep them safeContinue reading “How to Celebrate Life at Home”

Stillness Revolution

I think we all need a moment of stillness & silence, to think & rethink about how loudly we’ve been thinking about our own situation. Everyone is too worried about their own agendas—having to be placed on hold—that they don’t have time (or care) to think about anyone else, or people they don’t know. HowContinue reading “Stillness Revolution”

Choose Peace

The world (news, media, president, governors, telecasters, broadcasters, etc.) expects this to be the be YET the most tragic, hardest, toughest week of this whole pandemic (situation). I highly believe that YOU (and I) can be at peace and make of this week the BEST week yet! Choose peace within yourself! Inner peace starts withContinue reading “Choose Peace”