Pick a Random Person and Surprise Them

Do Good Without Looking at Whom Original post first shared in Spanish 5/16/19 If you are still unsure of what you can do different today, here I have a suggestion for you, “do something for somebody (randomly) who has never done anything for you”. Kindness is the biggest act of love and when we showContinue reading “Pick a Random Person and Surprise Them”

How are you loving today?

Unconditional Love No matter the time No matter the space No matter the distance No matter the people No matter issues No matter means No matter ways Remains Love should never be measured by what you give, but by what you truly feel and how you show it instead. Love doesn’t change by the circumstances,Continue reading “How are you loving today?”

It’s Time

You may have been listening to someone preaching (jabbing,talking,nagging) about the same thing for many years and saying “that message isn’t for me, they’re talking about themselves” but in reality #today that message is trying to be #delivered to your life #tune your heart and mind to what is being said to you! There isContinue reading “It’s Time”