Appreciate The Space You Have Today

Enjoying life consists of being able to enjoy everything that surrounds us while we stand alone.

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We don’t have to live a petty lonely life and be miserable all the time when we stand alone in the middle of the crowd or perhaps when happen to be alone at home on a weekend instead of out with our buddies or our coworkers from the office at the party that everyone had plans to go to and we bailed out last-minute because we are the biggest introvert, or just sulking & eating a pint of ice cream because we said no to that date we so desperately wanted to say yes to.

We can learn to enjoy the world around us even when we are alone.

Being alone (most of the times) is a choice. This is a world filled with millions of people, places to go to, and things to do. Ultimately it is our call what we choose to do with our day, every day we are given a new opportunity, either we choose to look out the window that gives us a beautiful view or we stare out the window that has the rocky wall. The choice is ours my friends. What we do with our days and our lives will determine our level of happiness and gratitude in life, and eventually how we age…(but that’s another post), thus our perspective of being alone can change a lot.

I believe is so perplexing when I can be alone and fall in love with nature or admire the way people interact with each other, I look out the window sometimes if I’m indoors and watch people walk by( if there’s someone close by) and just watch the creation of God…how it evolves & takes place on this perfectly made world. I enjoy going to a park and sit there for hours alone and sometimes take a book and not even read it because I’m too busy just watching the natural world that takes place around me, the squirrels (whom by the way own my back yard) and the fish in creek, the bees perhaps (annoying the living soul out of me), the flowers, I even like seeing how the grass comes back up after someone sits on it for so long and the grass decides to get back up and live again.

I don’t make a conscious decision to study these things I let my soul guide me, I just choose to think of what’s freeing for me and nature comes natural and free.

I call this free up space, time to meditate, to create, to appreciate, to re recreate, to evolve, to innovate, and to get involve with the creator of life, to reinvent into something bigger and better than whatever loneliness could possibly be trying to tell me.

  • We may not always be in the crowd we want, or we might not even get in the crowd we want AT ALL, but here is when we have to innovate ourselves and make the best out of the situation appreciate people for who they are and use the opportunities given to bring in our God’s given gifts
  • Sometimes we’ll find ourselves alone, and that is perfectly fine, scary at times I will not even attempt to lie. It can be because we chose to or because someone else said no at the moment (remember ultimately is our choice there are millions of people out there-join a charity) but we can always learn to appreciate ourselves-give thanks use the opportunity to meditate and perhaps give back to others on that free space and time that we have
  • There will be work events that you might not feel like is your place to attend and you can perhaps be at home (still debating) feel like you should be there, wondering what it’s like even when the party is almost over and thinking “oh God I made a fool of myself what would they think, I could had worn this outfit, maybe it wasn’t that serious, I could had pulled it off etc. etc.”

I get it we can work with a lot of people but some of us are the biggest introvert (maybe I’m speaking for MYSELF here)point I’m trying to make is that while you’re here thinking about the party on how its going, on what’s going on with you, on why you didn’t make it or perhaps talking down on your boss and co-workers as a coping mechanism, and trying to figure out whats going on over there, guess what? EVERYONE is Partying over there—so you can use that time to innovate, while you relax with your fresh cleared mind at home, no stress no buzz and recreate come with new ideas even if they are just for you. Use that time to appreciate yourself and the greatness of your mind don’t use your energy to think about anyone else unless it is to help them grow.

Don’t forget the value of your soul, you need to have peace that last an eternity make sure to live a life that pleases you soul and provides you with peace everywhere you are by seeing the beauty that surround you everywhere you go. This world wasn’t created by a casualty, it was perfectly and wonderfully made for those who live in it, it was design with you in mind, appreciate whats in it and use the space that’s given to evolve.

What we choose to do with our times is our luxury—we can value it or depreciate it. -Denise Kilby

As always with love and your best interest at heart.

May God bless you and be with you always in everything that you do: “For the [remarkable, undeserved] grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men” (Titus2:11).

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Looking Back

As I look back at the stories of my life I realize that I haven’t moved pass them by much. I begin to see me playing a scene of my childhood but from the adult role in my children’s life, yes, at times I see things playing all over again. That’s, when I awake and get the courage to move steady rather than faster but consistently enough to never replay that role again. As parents we have to occasionally glance back to never make the same “mistakes” our parents made and continually look forward to accomplish the goals we want to reach.

There’s no one perfect and being imperfect shouldn’t scare anyone.

We aren’t perfect, even when we think we are. Living to try to impress others can cause us to live in a constant state of fear that will create an environment of stress and makes us physically sick, and mentally unstable—our rules aren’t the most foremost (and that’s okay-what a relief) even when we think they are, our parenting style is not what our kids want all the time (not even what we want-let’s be real) let’s focus on them; let’s focus on their future, on what we want them to remember us by, on what we want them to enjoy and not on “being”the parent we want them to be. Let’s focus on creating a world we can all live in and say this is the people I love despite their color, height, weight, accents, language spoken or distance that could possibly separate us. Let’s live and love with organ that feels like it breaks when is reject it and aches when it’s broken!

Let’s lead the people around us with love and kindness to a better world, to the world we want our love ones to live in, to the world we would had wanted to be part of in our childhood.

                          Everyone defines their own kind of happiness!

Lets change the role & think like kids, or old and innocent enough to never have to fear corrupting anyone, let’s love in such a way that our love sees no wrong on the things we want or the things other people want, love that’s not envious, jealous or holds record of wrong—love that forgives and allows for new opportunities.

Aim higher, glance back from time to time, but look steadily forward with intentions to inspire, encourage, motivate, uplift and never stop dreaming.

Allow yourself to feel, let your senses be alive and be patient with yourself, you get to live this precious life once—learn from your mistakes and don’t feel bad when you fail at trying not to fail again. The key is on trying, in persevering, on being consistent with your soul and knowing that you’re trying to make yourself happy to make the world around you a happier and much livable place to love in.

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel—it won’t be darkness for ever, create, and reconstruct if necessary.

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—Denise Kilby

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The End a New Beginning

As we are approaching the epilogue of a month and the genesis of a new one I can’t help but to reflect and meditate on how similar our lives situations are to the seasons and months of the year.

Some panic in great fear of the unknown others look forward to what will emerge, and many more are ready to bury and let go of the burden that’s been wearing heavy on their shoulders. Truth is that life is lived the way we want to… there’s no mountain high enough, with faith all things are possible, and is all about perspective, there’s not one thing impossible for God and if we believe with God all things are possible for us too.

I know is sounds almost contradicting to what I am going to say now… enjoy the reading and make sense to it on your own, feel free to comment and ask any questions afterwards:

Is going to come the day when you realize that it doesn’t matter how hard you try if God says no the answer simply will be no.

Is going to come the day when you realize that it doesn’t matter what you do for people to like you, if they don’t feel like it they simply won’t, just like we can’t force life into anyone we can’t force people to feel what they don’t .

Is going to come the day when all that you’ve ever fought for seems like is falling apart right in front of your eyes, perhaps it is. It doesn’t matter how hard you try, things are meant to fall apart.

One day you will realize that the end is simply a new beginning!

That things are meant to fall apart so you can put more effort into keeping it together, by this I don’t mean more physical force or even more mental force but instead more spiritual effort.

When we think with our hearts thinking comes almost effortlessly and the work we do feels lighter, this doesn’t mean that we will never encounter situations in which we feel like we’re drowning from time to time—this means that when we do we’ll be grounded in such a way that will keep us rooted to the creator of the earth and help us be empowered every breath we take.

People are supposed to reject you so you can learn how to accept yourself.

God is supposed to say no sometimes so you can learn how to rely on him more and come to him first because when we rely too much on our own self we tend to forget who created us. We begin to thank the life and forget the source, we thank the universe and forget the creator, we worship people and forget who was the artist.

We are not placed on this earth to be of the liking of everyone but in the same matter we haven’t been placed here to like everyone, we are here to love and pray for one another and when we do so we understand that life is a give and take, we give everything that we can with love and take what is given gratefully and respectfully.

We must encounter trials to taste our faith (our strength) just like we need to exercise our muscles to make them stronger and we need to rest in God’s peace to renew our faith (just like we need to rest our muscles in between workouts to get stronger).

The heart works together with your soul to renew your mind and strengthen your body. Let the healing take place from the inside out.

“I can try to confuse you a little less but in order to understand life you First need to live it and be alive to so” —dk

—Denise Kilby

It All Depends on What You Fill your Vessels With and Whether You’re Willing to Drink From Them or Not

What you have within you will ultimately overflow—fill yourself with great things and flow!

It doesn’t matter how hard we try in life if we surround ourselves with people who aren’t trying as hard we are we will be pulled down as gravity pulls the walls of a building and our fight will be much harder to the point where our effort will become to seem as effortless (when it is not) and our success will become like stagnant water (even when is moving). We will begin to feel accomplished, undeceive, unsuccessful, and unhappy with ourselves while the world still spinning round in circles.

In order to rise up we have to change our infrastructure and power to stand stronger and unclog the canal that is obstructing our success no matter how painful this may be, even if this means moving on without certain people—who may have made your life comfortable to live with—even if living with them is painful in that comfort zone who’s been sucking the nectar our living sanity.

Have you ever felt like you become bitter as years go pass by the treatment you receive from others. Thus, you start blaming everyone around you for every mistake you make, or for every stone that comes in front as you walk down your path.

The eye opener here is that is not the people we encounter, or the stones that are on our path, the eye opener is what we allow these people to become in our lives and what we do with those stones. Do we learn what to and what not to do from these people, or we let them sit around and suck the sweet out of our soul? Do we step on these stones or stumble and fall and then forget that are more than able to get up—perhaps forget that we can ask for help.

The life is ours, the call is ours, what we do is our choice and no one has a key until is handed to them—you’re in control of your life!

  • Build relationships not bridges —live to love people and help those around you do the same
  • Try to think positive —stop yourself the minute negative thoughts come to your mind and change that behavior—it will inspire others
  • Flow— let life take you where you need to be and stop fighting and questioning everything that happens—without a process there’s no results
  • Be consistent on the decision you make and you will see great long-lasting results—stick to your plans—make small realistic & achievable goals
  • Have faith in what you do—have faith in God & have faith in what He can do with you

Live live to make changes, live to make a difference in other people’s life. When we think outside our head we are more productive (but don’t leave yourself behind). Live live make yourself happy and to do whats best for you and just what makes you happy in the moment, remember the goal is ultimate happiness that last an eternal life (God can do that)just saying.

Today you have the opportunity to start all over again, don’t let fear grow in your heart and derail you from reaching your God-given destiny this day. Be willing to fill your own vessels and drink from what you have in them, don’t be afraid to build your own future, don’t lose hope on what is to come and live encourage and ready to release and pour down what you have within you.

Get the hang of being you & start living your life!

That was to remind you that you are more!

—Denise Kilby #letstalk

We Still Have a Chance

We can definitely go back to the talking era and break free from what’s holding us back.

Talking isn’t part of the solution and conversations are too much of a task to even think of, so let’s just fight and argue instead. “Your opinion isn’t smart (in other words), I make more sense (said by attitude not by logical thinking or the heart) that’s insane, ignorant, stupid, I don’t want to talk about it, I’m done, I don’t like making plans, they never happen, dreams don’t come to pass, I don’t care, there’s nothing else to say, that’s where we end, etc.” are some of the words that spouses use with each other nowadays, those are small examples of things lived and said behind close door.

Those are things that children hear and learn; in most cases on a regular basis, disagreement, inconsistency, confusion, disappointment, lack of hope, negativity, misunderstanding, judgment, resentment and much more. All because we live in an era we’re one or both spouses are stuck to a screen and a world that isn’t real and view the real world (their partner-their spouses) as if they’re not real as well. They expect things that are impossible and reject the unexpected (but possible-and beautiful).

In a world where there’s so much hate, suffering, hunger, arguing, disappointment, loneliness, misunderstanding, disagreement and lastly but not least discrimination, the best thing we can do is be the ultimate hero to those we love. It doesn’t take much to be a great example, 90% of the time it takes a lot less than we can even think of. Our children will live an adult life and handle situations base on what they learned at home, that too is also about 90% right. Stop and think, put your heart to it.

You probably think I don’t have children yet, or I don’t want any, this doesn’t apply to me at all. I am here to remind you that you are someone’s child and that you don’t live in this world alone, you live submerged in the midst of billions of living creatures and breathing individuals that give life to yours.

Be the person your spouse would rather converse with, the listener to your neighbor, be the healer to the sick, the soul patch to the broken, the encourager to discouraged, the planner, the solution, the person to come to in search of hope, the peacemaker, the faithful friend, the lover, the willing, the creator of things at home, be the hero to someone. Don’t wait for a text message, don’t apologize with a heart emoji express yourselves verbal loud and clear, voice your opinions with love. Talk in person, hug be the shoulder to lean on the strong hold, not the know it all!

Now, that might seem hard to do, but where there’s love all things are possible. As long as give as much as we can we are doing as much as possible and that my dear should be very self rewarding. Live aware of what you’re doing, make yourself happy while making others happy, don’t lose grip of yourself while caring for those you’ve been chosen to take care of.

Express yourself with words that blows every millennial’s mind, be the baby boomer that every millennial wants to become and create a world everyone wants to make love in, don’t be afraid to exist and live in the times you were born, remember that love doesn’t have an expiration date.

Remember that to care for other’s you have to be spiritually healthy first, a healthy sweet heart will give out sweet love, but a bitter one will eventually ooze a pungent taste.   —dk

#WeAreEqual #Your’reNotLess #ImNotMore

—Denise Kilby

Ps. “You’re beginning is where & I end where you begin”