Think with your heart and don’t let anything on this life stop you.

Do you ever wonder why people get so far in life, or why many other spend decades of their adult lives doing the same thing?

Anger can make you move a mountain just like fear can make you paralyze your entire world—your world is everything that surrounds you after all.

You can get anywhere you want in this life. Have you ever heard a story of success by someone on the television, read a magazine— or a bio about a very important historian, perhaps a new paper and thought “yeah…they probably have a rich grandma or great grandpa somewhere waiting for them to hit rock bottom and lift them up!” I mean, have you ever said that? I know I have.

My perspective has changed when the story has been told to me by someone who have been the protagonist of the story, by someone I’ve encountered in the office and begins to narrate their OWN great story of success, and how they overcame their traumas and made it in this life. That’s when I realize that as a man thinks in his heart so is he. The word of God is always right, precise and measurable—we can live by it and trust it.

I’ve said—maybe we have different definition or terms here, poor to them or rock bottom to them doesn’t mean the same as what it means to me. Do you ever wonder what the term of rock bottom means to other people? I know; me too! I often wonder…

“For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.”  —I think its all about being passionate about what we believe and mindfully accepting  the fact that our thoughts and actions reveal what abides in our heart.

Even that true statement is not what is truly important here, what is truly important here is that you know what it means to you when you’ve hit rock bottom on your relationships, on your career, your finances, your mental health status, emotional stability, you addiction, your religion even—to mention some!

Whenever you feel like you can’t keep going anywhere or that you don’t know where to go, that’s rock bottom to you, whenever you feel like you keep going and you keep getting the same results, that’s rock bottom to you, whenever you feel like you’re spinning round in circles and the circle is closing smaller that’s rock bottom to you —Denise

You have to remember that life might just get tougher and you have to decide how to add discipline to passion. Let your heart take you where you want to be and remember that your actions are showing what abides in it.

Don’t close your own doors but what could be worse don’t close the doors that have been open to you by others. Get ready for life and go out and live it, reveal to this world what you have hiding inside that heart.

Pink is not always the okay color and gray is not always a line not to be cross—sometimes gray is a line to be explore.

Have a great one & remember that I am here to serve!

—Denise Kilby

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