Why do we doubt it when we are called and chosen by someone to do something?

One of the reasons we doubt is because we don’t believe we are qualified to do it, but a lot of times that though comes from a preconceived notion that “we are not good enough”. That is having a low self-esteem and God doubting mentality.

Good news is I am here to share some encouragement with you today, and hopefully you can share with someone in case you know anyone who may be suffering of depression, perhaps mood disorders and low self’s-esteem issues. Remember that with the adequate guidance and help there’s always a way to see the light and be the light for those who live in a world of darkness even, when they appear to be in the light. Look at the case of Kate Spade, well known fashion designer and artists who appeared to have the perfect life to many and be the light of the party left this world by committing and apparent suicide. #Depression is real and is has no feelings, we feel them but it doesn’t feel us. We can learn how to be there for others even when everything seems to be going “okay”.

Do not pretend someone you’re not and always pray for discernment

Pray to know if what you’re doing is what you were created to be. Sometimes doing what it appears to be “right” to the world is what brings you to misery, but again sometimes hiding from the world and not being the light that you were meant to be can destroy you.

Create balance within you!

Don’t doubt it when people call you!

IT WAS YOU! Yes you my dear, they don’t want anybody else!

  • Don’t second question the calling— when they call your name. #chosen #calling
  • Don’t feel like you’re not qualified. #qualified
  • If you’re not qualified you will be. #equipped
  • Get ready because what’s coming ahead is better than what you had in your agenda. #agenda
  • Trust God because He cares for you. #god
  • Lift up yourself esteem because you were meant to shine. #selfesteem

  • Many many times I’ve felt unqualified – like the calling was not for me – tried to hide even when I was called loud and clear to be out in the light, to be a light to others who appeared to be in the light and lived in darkness—I’ve insisted on hiding when God has told me many times “You Are Meant To Shine” through different people. It is very important to learn how to listen, to learn how to communicate and know what we were created for. We were not created to be hiding and to be defeated!

Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house (Matthew 5:15) #letyourlightshine

Stop being afraid! You can do whatever it is that needs to be done and whatever it is that you were called to do! –

I’ve learned my lesson by experience and I also know it by the word of God! DO NOT DOUBT YOURSELF—DO NOT DOUBT GOD!


“Walk in the light that was created for you, be the light that you were created to be, shine in the world where darkness reigns, let your aura speak for you” —Denise K.

As always lovely people with your best interest at heart and mind!

If you know anyone who is suffering please get them help, have empathy and be that hand. Imagine that is you in their situation—don’t live thinking with your mind, think with your heart and let your mind filter it!

Denise Kilby #talktome

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