There’s always that one person watching on the background to try and knock you – to try and bad mouth you – to try and invite the devil into your life and your family; but GUESS WHAT? God will always place a circle around those who serve Him! Therefore… let the haters watch and learn or simply hate!


Celebrate who you are to the point that WHO others are and what they accomplish in life makes you want to celebrate them not want to find FLAW on what they do!

It doesn’t matter how bad they have tried to bad mouth you God will always have a hidden blessing for you that will exalt your greatest attributes without the need for you to say a word.

Don’t contaminate your spirit—at the end of the day you will be the only one unhappy.

Live, love, give, do, and let everyone else do the same. If you feel unhappy with what you have accomplished in life find a coach or a mentor who can help and guide you. If you think the problem is rooted deeper within find a counselor a spiritual counselor who can help you pray and guide you in the right direction.

Don’t lose hope!

As always with your best interest at heart and mind,

—Denise Kilby #talktome #dontbeafraid #findsomeone

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