Quick Sunday Post With Love

Quick post before heading to church thinking of everyone who may need a word of encouragement! I can’t live knowing that I have a calling and I’m not answering to it, this is my calling to do the will of God—this is why I do what I do. Christian Counseling, Life Coach, Encourage, Uplift, Challenge & Motivate.

I hope you enjoy it, please ignore the typos I will correct them later this is with love from my cell phone and is typed quickly as it comes to my heart straight from God—to my Instagram and then to my blog site. Here of course I elaborate it a little bit more as I can.

Hurry and answer to His calling! Use the gift that was place in your hands and don’t fear! –

God’s glory is real and His power and presence is with those who seek Him. He is bigger than your physical pain, than your emotional pain, than your mental disability, than your broken heart, than your marital status, than your financial situation, even MORE and greater than your financial WEALTH because He is the owner of the silver and gold [The silver is mine and the gold is mine,’ declares the LORD Almighty(Haggai 2:8)].

THEREFORE You Are More In Him —who strengthens you (Philippians 4:13) You Are More than you physical pain, than the diagnostic that the doctor gave you, than what your friends told you they saw in you, than what the bank account is reflecting whether big or small, than what your status told you today, than what your followers told you, than what your manager is telling, even more than what your booking agent is telling!!

YOU ARE MORE THAN ANY PRESENT SITUATION that you have have in your life right now WHETHER good or bad!

Don’t let anything derail you from who you really are, God has been pursuing you for a long time—maybe you should take a look back at your life… yeah… it’s been a few times that He’s saved your skin and also showed you mercy in your ministry and your calling (speaking to different people here). But again life gets all the credit——He is the creator of life.

He cares for you, all the things you do & go through in life are meant to shape your character, are the process that will determine who you really are. Don’t let this world fool you. You’re not of this world.

And if your think you’re saved, don’t be one of the modern pharisees—making their own rules, all about them, little about God, all about promoting themselves and hiding the giver of everything that they have, making Him known only on Sundays. #godisgod #always .

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I love you all!! Thank you so much for reading and staying connected with me, please keep sharing and encouraging others to read and stay conectes. This messages and information is carefully prayed about and studied with the intention to help each and everyone who needs it. (Of course you can also read for entertainment ‘wink wink’)

As always, with the best interest at heart and mind!

Your coach, counselor, friend, sister, and blogger —Denise Kilby #letstalk

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