“Perhaps we’re not being mistreated nor ignored by people in life—perhaps this is God LOUD and clear answering our prayers and detaching us from that tree that bears bad fruit” when we say “Lord deliver us from evil”-(Matt6:13)” For a bad tree cannot bear good fruit”-(Matt:7-18) Unless that tree is replanted in good soil (gets to knows God…)

We all have prayed for the wrong thing and we all have insisted enough to the point where God says, give it a shot and let me know how it goes”—Denise K

Sometimes the mistake is made on that initial prayer, they say “be careful what you wish” for I say “discernment for our prayers” from the beginning we have to ask God for discernment to know what comes from Him and learn to LISTEN to Him. There are consequences when we take up and do our own will even after we know that He is telling us something else. A lot of time people don’t know which direction to take in life and that is understandable we are humans. But we need to learn how to ask and seek for guidance.

Not only our spiritual life is at risk here but our MENTAL HEALTH. How much we suffer when don’t know the root of our problems…ugh; just the thought adds weight to my shoulders.

We are not God to help everyone!

We have to remember that “HURT PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE” now, this is not a free pass from jail-nor a free admission to hurting our hearts and letting people eat away our soul- but this should teach us when its time to stay & when we have been set free!

Please listen, set boundaries:

Physically help those who want that physical help, this doesn’t mean pick them up and take them somewhere, what this mean is do things that could actually imply growth if the person is willing (i.e., #psychotherapy #guidance #coaching #grouptherapy etc.

For those who don’t want that, pray and learn that it’s time to move on! Don’t let their manipulations take your peace away and eat your heart out of bitterness.

Your mind, your heart and spirit ARE connected thus you need peace, health and freedom to save your soul. A bitter heart will eat away all of the above.

#Peace #love #intuitiveliving #coaching

When people are willing to change they will take steps that will leave a trance called consistency for those who come behind them to follow”—Denise K

I hope this was encouraging!

As always making a little bit of time to give by grace what by grace I have received.

“Don’t be afraid to learn from your experiences and let your voice inspire growth in someone else’s life, speak freedoms” —Denise K

With the best interest at heart and mind,

—Denise Kilby


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