Life will not always be as clear as the day per se (literally speaking) a sunny day will bring a bright blue sky and a yellow blinding sun decorating the sky, whereas a rainy day will have clouds covering the sky and those clouds will be filled with rain that eventually will pour down the rain on the surface of the earth; so if someone asks us how’s the weather outside all we need to do is look at the sky, right?

Only if it was as easy when dealing with people and emotions, we can’t go base on what we see, and a lot of times the fact that we can’t even identify how we feel ourselves can actually blind us and stop us from reaching our divine destiny, it keeps us like stagnant water in a water canal. We know where we should go but we don’t know how to go about it because we are stuck by the debris of our OWN lives and we don’t have the tools to remove them. If you are there or know someone who may be there don’t lose hope, there’s always hope  the waters will begin to flow again for you and for those you care about.

I want to continue to create awareness on this “Mental Health Awareness Month” (although everyday is a good day to create awareness) I will talk a little bit about ANGER…

One of the most mislabeled emotions is anger, anger is often mislabeled by worried, depression, fear, or there may not be any external indication of anger at all so anger may not even be labeled at all (Clinton 2005). Thus, the importance of understanding our emotions and knowing how to act when we begin to feel certain ways, not everyone will know how we feel and it is important to know and learn how to communicate our emotions and our feelings a whole, because our emotions are connected with our our whole body (as I explained on yesterdays post).

If used right, anger can be one of the best weapons to use to reach our divine destiny but if used wrong it could become the deadliest weapon not only to ourselves but to those around us, and unfortunately not metaphorically speaking—this is literal speech my friends. That is why many people commit the most horrific crimes even when they don’t appear to have any obvious sign of anger.

“Like love, anger is an emotion that has potential for both good and evil.”


It involves power, is a signal and worth listening to. Anger is energy and we can choose whether we are going to waste it or invest it. Psychologically anger triggers an outpouring of adrenalin and other stress hormones to our central and peripheral nervous system with noticeable physical consequences. Your voice changes to a higher pitch. The rate and depth of your breathing increases. Your precipitation increases. Your heart beats faster and harder. The muscles of your arms and legs may tighten up. The digestive process is slowed down. Many feel as if a war is being waged in their head and stomach.

Can you imagine investing all that energy? Woo!! I can, I see myself in good shape, smarter, and more advanced in my career 6 months from now. Put your anger into good use, use your anger to get to your destiny, your dreams are waiting for you.

Most people have no idea that anger is a secondary emotion that is usually in response to a primary emotion such as hurt and fear. In the same way they are more prone to hurt others, and have destructive relationships, anger is often the only emotion we see. For males it’s often the only emotion that they are aware of, because they tend to hide their feelings as a way to protect themselves. Hidden deep underneath that surface anger is the fear, the hurt, the frustration, the disappointment, the vulnerability, and the longing for connection.

Now that you know some of its effects, look at all the benefits and the downfalls of anger… outweigh them. Create balance!

Is it worth wasting all that energy? I don’t believe so. #invest The problem is not the anger, the problem is how we use our anger, how we are using the energy that our anger produces us. We need to learn how to fight for what we want with mindfulness in a healthy way.

It’s easy for people who don’t work on their anger to stay angry for longer periods of times. Don’t make it easy, create a challenge and work for what you want, reach out to someone who can help you discover ways to overcome and to get across that canal don’t stay stagnant, you were created for more. If this doesn’t apply directly to you, help someone by sharing this with them. #createawareness

Healthy anger involves open, honest and direct communication. First with ourselves and then with those around us, when we are able to communicate with our own-selves about how we feel, we then begin to express it with others in a healthier way that will permeate the world in which we live. God has given us that choice.

It is important for us to be able to understand when we are angry and when situations make us angry, and how that anger makes us react. Suppress anger is a bad thing as well because suppress anger becomes repress anger, so balancing what we feel and learning to communicate it in a healthy way is key to build stronger relationships— repressed anger is kept from consciousness we are no longer aware of it resulting in destructive behavior to self and others.

“You can gain direction of where your boat is sailing if you understand your God-given potential and how you can use your God-given anger to benefit you not to destroy you”

Learning to use the energy produce by anger in a positive way can take us places that we never thought we could reach.

Don’t allow your anger to disable you, allow it to enable you, to empower you, to make you want to fight for what you want and to build you instead of destroy you.

“Anger as an emotion could keep you from reaching your divine destiny but as part of your whole being can give you the courage to fight for what you want” — Denise K.

It’s part of you, learn how to use it, express it, invest it, and employ it in ways that will be beneficial FIRST to you and secondly to everyone around you!

If you want to read more on this topic of emotions, I encourage you to stay tune, and please tell me in your comments where are you reading from. Let’s build bridges and get to our destinations.

The best is yet to come!

As always, with you in mind and heart,

—Denise Kilby

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