You are more than that!!

May your current circumstances never control your mind and your determination! This is mind over matter baby be mentally strong! #mindfulness #mindovermatter #mentallystrong

Noticed the hashtags above? Yeah I will create make/create/use more in some bellow to emphasize words and phrases. For some reason words used with a hashtag (in front of them of course) seem to stick on our mind a little longer in social media and that’s my goal, I want you to remember this question every time you feel any of the word on the hashtag so you can reconnect with your true self. I would use emojis as well but I don’t want be too third-rated here now “wink-wink” (emojis would had gone there btw “winks again-huge Smile”

On another note, we can lift our spirit by trying to lift someone else’s spirit yet we fail to noticed because we are so self-centered sometimes. Gosh, has that ever happened to you, or are you too busy on your own things that you haven’t noticed if this has ever happened in your life?

Becoming self-centered is something that can happen to anyone who is too focus on their own issues, no one is exempt of falling victim of their own self.

The following questions are created with the intention of self examinations in order for this questions to have a positive effect in our lives we need to answer them wholeheartedly and with the greatest honesty (only God know your thought) no one knows your thoughts to judge. Your safe here!


1. Are you one of those people who like to be notice but don’t notice anyone else? #notice

2. Do you feel like everyone ignores you but don’t stop to think if you may be “unconsciously” ignoring someone else? #ignorance #ignoring

3. Is life just unfair towards you more than to anyone else, or are you just drowning in your own pity party? #unfair #pityparty

4. Do you always seem to want more, and when you have more it never seems enough? #enoughisenough

5. Are compliments what make make your day but you can’t compliment anyone else to save your life even when deep down you want to? #compliments

6. Do you constantly lack empathy towards others but then again expect those same people you lack empathy towards to “feel your pain”? #pain #solutions

7. Does your life seem like a one way street with problems coming only your way, but then again you lack to see the problems going on the direction of others? #lessons #problems #life

8. Is the reason why you do things for others because of your own needs to be noticed and feel needed by those you do things for? (Tricky huh) {stew on it} #sorrynotsorry

9. Is your motto in life eye for an eye #woo

10. Could you possibly be missing the miracle that’s right in front of you because you’re so focused on WHAT YOU WANT? #miracles

Ask yourself often, don’t question yourself but be realistic about who you are what you want of yourself and others. Be motivated by doing good things and allow others to do good things in your life, make it a two way street of honesty love and empathy for you and all of those around you!

Be blessed and remember you’re always in my heart!

With love in Christ,

Denise Kilby

#letschat #textme #innerpeace #selfexploration

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