Things Look Better When We View Them With Heart

Are you living today?!

Whatever your definition of living may be make sure that you’re alive in spirit to know what it feels like! -Dk ——————————————————————Friendly advice:

1. Place your heart on everything you see, do and want: don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and or let down by others,  people will come and go but your heart will  remain with you #begenuine

2. Control the things that you can and leave the rest to God, don’t worry for things that are out of your control I.e. your past  #havefaith ————————————————————————3. Some mornings are colder than others, don’t expect to be able to change it all #bundleup ——————————————————————
4. We overcome situations that we never thought we could bear, that’s a proof of how strong you are #yourestrongerthanyouthink ——————————————————————
5. We are blessed by grace and given new opportunities everyday, use what is given to you and put it to work. Don’t sit around waiting for life to happen and or complaining for what you don’t have #beproductive #countyourblessings ——————————————————————
• Perhaps we are not living the way we want right now, but we are alive #enjoylife ——————————————————————
• Don’t complain of the gift of life, embrace every breath you take! #tomorrowmightbetoolate ——————————

• You are loved far more than you will ever imagine, let your dreams be the inspiration. #inspireothers ——————————————————————
• Life takes us places that we never dreamed of #enjoytheride  #areyouready #live #life #love #newday  #yourealive