Mount up with wings like the eagles!


“But those who wait on The Lord Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like the eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and faint.” (Isaiah 40:31 NKJV)

Ordinary people will never understand this, but I do. I know what it is to wait for things I never thought would come through, I know what is it to pray when I feel like crying to cry when is time to pray out of confusion. But most importantly I know what it is to wait because I believe in the word of God…and if I wait for Him to act on His appointed time (not mine) I will eventually mount up with wings like the eagles.

I consider myself to be extraordinary, therefore I believe in extraordinary things. I believe that if pray great things are to happen, I believe that if I fall I will get back up stronger; now do you see that? I said I will get back stronger…not just get back up.

Ordinary people get back up, but extraordinary people get back stronger. Show those around you that you are not of this world even if you live in it. In my case I am walking the process that will take me to my destiny (something that only extraordinary people get), I am renewing strength, don’t celebrate if you see me down – (get ready, I’m coming back stronger). I am walking ( there’s a purpose) and even if I feel like I am fainting I will not faint…(ha, brace yourself).

  • Ask yourself, am I coming back stronger of whatever situation I may be in?
  • Is this producing fruit that will be worth passing on to my legacy?
  • Am I just living like the reast, breathing and waiting for my time of death, or am I living like the extraordinary people…going for more and rising up from the aches?

Diamonds are form in the dirt (in the deepest of it indeed), they are sorted (picked/chosen), they are polished with fire (burned to get the best out of them), then they are cut (sometimes being cut hurts but is necessary), and finally they are graded (what would you grade yoursel?) and delivered to be displayed (are you ready for everyone to see what you are made of?). 

Don’t be just another stone…be a diamond. Connect with your sould without fear of being burn and cut.

Now, I have a question, are you renewing your strengths, or simply waiting to become more weary until you faint because the process is too painful?

Stew on it, keep scrolling comment and or email me for a more private chat. #theresmore


“This crusade is the path that will lead me to the battle, but I rest easy…that war is not mine to fight” -Denise Kilby